how to beat the bubbles?

sebzersebzer Member Posts: 1
At a later stage, worm-like opponents appear. These worms are made of black bubbles or else. I shoot them with weapons, I shoot rockets, it does nothing to them. Suddenly they shorten the distance, stick to the ship and in a second destroy the entire hull. How to beat them What am I doing wrong? I have fought it several times, with great equipment and it always killed me unexpectedly.
Help pls.


  • gregggogregggo Member Posts: 48
    All I do is run when I see one appear. The one I see is purple. Also, whey you arrive in the area of decreased sensor abilities and go to the monolith with the long orange flame coming from it there is an unbeatable force. This arrives when you decide to enter the monolith in the entry under the monolith's orange symbol. Go into the hole, take a couple of corners in there and suddenly something strange starts happening. If you shoot back outside there is this orange thing with tentacles that could soon destroy you. All I could do, again, was head out.
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