RichardPickmanRichardPickman Common Alpha Backer ES1, Space Dog, Kickstarter Backer ES2 Posts: 4
Hey everyone. This is just a personal suggestion. While i like the actual atmospheric music while cruising around, i wish there will be more rock/industrial based music in the final mix. A bit like in the first Everspace, where combat music was a lot more intense. It just pumps me up more in combat when i hear some distortion and actual guitars. Maybe a mix of all worlds? What about a function like GTA to put your own music in a folder. Maybe two folders, one for ambient and one for combat? I just want to listen to some deathgrind while beating up a large combat vessel ;-)


  • If you play the demo for a while the music does actually kick off. I've been trying to press the devs for more info on music, so this would be very welcome.
  • Ganodi GungiGanodi Gungi Customer, Collector Beta Backer ES1 Posts: 59
    There's no guitars in the future. :'(
  • Mordeth_KaiMordeth_Kai Member, Kickstarter Alpha Backer ES2 Posts: 11
    In most games I usually turn the music off, I guess what most people like just isn't my thing, or maybe I'm just too old. Personally I'd like a mix of classic metal and southern rock like Iron Maiden and Alice in Chains style of music. But, atmospheric stuff is probably a good way to go as most people, myself included, probably wont hate it.
  • avensisavensis Member Posts: 1
    I agree I would like a mix of classic metal and rock too
  • ExordiumExordium Member Posts: 3
    Would be great if we can extend the games ambient music library with our own tunes. I have tons of background-music from germans "Space Night TV shows" as well as other Sci-Fi Tracks too...
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