HOW is Alpha going to be handled?

VahnkiljoyVahnkiljoy Kickstarter Alpha Backer ES1, Space Optimizr Posts: 107
I'm honestly curious, taken part in multiple EA(early access) games, some having completely open dev frameworks where you can see what they are working on/have planned. How is Alpha going to progress, are there going to be small but various fixes/updates, small content that will add to the larger content slowly, including hotfixes and the like if something breaks from these.

Or are we going to be waiting for large patches after weeks/month(over exageration but, kind of relevant if anyone here played Killing Floor 2) for content that, on the surface looks like a lot but when in actuallity it really wasn't as much as it lead on.

Personally, I would prefer the former to the latter, though I'm sure it wouldn't be good for people with bandwidth issues.


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