[007a] Collected thoughts and suggestions on the prototype (Part 1 - Interface)

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Concordant with @ROCKFISH_Andi's suggestion to wait before spending a lot of effort in posting suggestions before the next release of the game for Alpha backers, I'm just posting an unfleshed out version of my remaining suggestions in a single post for the team (@ROCKFISH_HCK @ROCKFISH_Michael @ROCKFISH_Uwe @ROCKFISH_Sven). Many of these may have already been fixed or changed but there might still be something useful that can be addressed before the Alpha. I put an exclamation mark next to ones I think are particularly critical.

I hope some of these are helpful. I'm excited to see what you guys can show us moving forward! I really appreciate you guys taking the time to consider our suggestions. o:)

Looks like due to post size constraints I'll have to post it in two parts. Here's Part 2.


In-game / Flying / Combat

Target selection and mouseover improvements
  1. (❗) Need sound when targetting
  2. (❗) Should easily be able to deselect targets
    Whether by hitting selecting the same target again or hitting the select key over empty space perhaps
  3. Mouseover border that appears when hovering over aircraft, not sure is needed.
    ┣   ┫
    Is a tooltip (perhaps with line to target) not enough?

  4. Maybe add a settings option to configure healthbar display settings?

    Some people will want them shown at all times for all spacecraft and others will only want to show them for the spacecraft they have selected. Personally, I would remove the health bar display for all except the selected spacecraft, and put health bar information for aircraft that are moused-over into their tooltip. I would also consider keeping tooltips for only mouseover and not target selection (i.e. hide the tooltip for the currently selected aircraft when you aren't mousing over it.)
  5. When holding things like an Escape Pod, you can no longer mouseover things. Is this intended?
  6. More salient reward indicators?
    When someone gives you something as a reward for helping them (as did the guy who gave me wine for helping get his escape pod back to a port), it should be much clearer what is being given and where. Instead of silently adding another object to the edge of the player's HUD, make the item itself sparkle or glow in some way, and if the user isn't looking in the direction of the item then an icon on the HUD must be added (and make the HUD icon also sparkle in a clear way that indicates the item is a new item that was shared with the player).


  • There's a lot here but it appears you have changed the inventory UI since prototype so I'll skip these.

Docking / Port UI

  1. "Refill" should be "Restock". Docked at a port, the "Refill" option appears to be a means with which you restock your weapon supplies such as missiles. "Restock" is a more appropriate word in English when talking about objects of a fixed size. "Refill" is more appropriate when talking about liquids. Refill the gas, restock the missles.
  2. Refill/Repair Menu should have ALL keybindings displayed. Some are displayed, some are missing for example the Up/Down and left/right controls. On controller there are several joysticks and the D-pad to use, so help the user know which to press so we don't have to guess.
  3. (❗) Refill/Repair menus could use clearer "selected item" indicators
    Right now it's just a thin 1-2px border and I think the indicator would benefit from being much more salient. Can you extend the border to wrap around the entire row and add a background color change? I think that would help a lot. :)

  4. (❗) Refill/Repair Menu stack count should be kept consistent.
    Currently in the Refill/Repair menus, the stack count shown for items ("10/15" in the image below) is the current stock count:

    Firstly, if the player has not changed any values (or specifically, if the amount current equipped equals the amount shown in the UI, the yellow/orange colored 10 above should just be white to make it clear that is the starting amount (you can also glean that information from the fact that the total cost is 0 for a non-zero cost part, but having a few places to find the same information is helpful and in fact encouraged). The bigger thing and the central focus of this specific issue is that when you increase the quantity that you want to buy, the quantity shown on the icon also increases which is misleading, because what was once "current stock count" is now "projected/future item stock count". This is confusing! If you absolutely insist on displaying the projected stock count there, show a white "10" and a green +X number next to the 10 (or possibly larger and centered on the icon) referring to the stock increase that might occur, but I recommend against that because it could get a bit noisy from a UX perspective.
  5. Refill/Repair Menu could be clearer when adding and subtracting stock.
    It might be easier to understand for people if you made the restock bar green when adding more stock. If it's possible in the future versions of the game to sell portions of stocked items, I would also make the resulting deficit bar (the amount being sold) as red.
  6. Refill/Repair Menu may benefit from showing finer stock count information
    Although not critical, I think it would be helpful to show additional information under the bar instead of only the projected stock count (the orange 10 in the image above). You might also consider adding 0 for the beginning of the bar, a number at the end of the bar for the maximum, along with the current stock and the target/future stock count for when you are adding stock.
  7. (❗) Refill/Repair Menu should probably not use red for the cost unless it's a bad thing.

    Especially "red triple down angle bracket" which means "bad bad bad" to most people I think... This repair action I'm about to take is actually a good thing (fixing my ship), so if anything it should be colored green...


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    Thanks a lot for your feedback. I'm forwarding this directly to our UI team.
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