Racing against NPC.

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This is something I've been thinking about for this game and also heard about in one of your videos. How about the full race course being solid and with larger rings as in Freelancer for example. That way if mods are ever implemented the rings will already be the right size. On Freelancer Asgard I was a race host using existing race courses, trade lanes within the system and also multi system events from one system to the next. NPC's were also attacking racers and disrupting trade lanes. We had racing ships with a racing thrusters and were very poorly armed with only one weapon to avoid RP abuse and were also used as scout ships. B)


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    We already have tested racing tracks in the game. We still have to see how that works if racing against NPCs instead of against the clock.
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    I think racing could be fun. :) There could be a lot of subtle nuances to it as you describe. The question is simply whether they have the resources to implement it. Racing against the clock should be relatively straightforward to implement, but racing against NPCs requires special AI to be developed for that purpose, which isn't exactly trivial to implement if done well. This is because -- of course -- you would want not all the NPCs to act exactly the same, but rather have several different racing AI personalities which each embody different racing strategies, and that would likely take a while to develop, along with all the infrastructure (HUD modifications, UI pages, reward design, story integration, etc.) that would have to be in place to actually allow racing in a meaningful way.
  • Also, maybe as a post release patch, leaderboards!
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    I remember x-wing and tie-fighter had races of a sort. The one in tie fighter was actually pretty useful in honing skills. Wouldn't mind seeing races or similar things myself, great way to improve flying skill quickly.
  • The race in the demo is already quite fun. As the focus isnt to get the fastest time per se.
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    As it would be nice to go totally crazy on races where sky is the limit, we have to remind ourselves that we're not developing a racing game. Stoic has got a valid point there. But, of course, the race in the prototype is a most basic example without anything interesting in it. I can promise that the races in the further development will be more of a challenge to beat. So far we're planning them to be a mixture of beating the race at all and receive a reward for that, and collecting more rings in time to get an even higher reward. So far we have four ranks, where the highest rank means that you've collected every single ring in time.
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