Sensor Drones

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edited January 2020 in GAMEPLAY (ES1)
I should first say well done on an awesome game, it looks visually spectacular, and for the most part, it is very enjoyable to play. Are you guys still working on fixes, or is all of your time now spent on Everspace 2?

Sensor drones are very very useful in cloud natural hazards when you don't have the Sensory Overload perk, they are also the dumbest fucks to have ever graced Everspace.

Sensor drones behave like combat drones in combat, flying right up to the enemy and saying: "Please kill me, the player wants to spend 7 gas on another drone."

Sensor drones behave like ... (takes a deep breath) behaves very poorly when I fly into a large asteroid to mine crystal, or when investigating wrecks. Their pathing needs some work, as they will continually bump into walls trying to get to the player, and quickly die.

They also like to run into mines whenever possible, much like an enemy controlled by Mainframe.

Perhaps make their movement less chaotic, have them fly in formation, beside or behind the player.
Please fix their AI in combat, so that they stay well behind the player, and dodge enemy fire.
Please fix their pathing so they mimic the player's pathing, so as not to run into solid objects and die.


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