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Over in the discord there was some discussion about set items, I thought I'd bring it over here. Let me start by saying I'm neither for nor against set items as a concept, but rather more concerned about the implementation. I think most people get their idea of sets from Diablo 2, whether from that game specifically or games that used a near exact duplicate of the formula. For anyone who might be unfamiliar, it is various pieces of equipment that are part of a set that give additional bonus's based on the amount of pieces from the set that are equipped.

Now in isometric ARPG's where this is common I see few issues. The first is that complete sets are never attained in a single playthrough but rather involve multiple characters and playthroughs due to rarity, which requires either a new game + or a shared storage. The other is that sets, like all equipment, get out-leveled rather quickly, especially if they involve weapons. Lastly, the bonus's are usually stat increases, usually making themselves interesting only by either significant boosts or by using boosts that rarely appear on gear, like extra points in a skill. Outside of ARPGS's where stats are everything, this can be rather boring for something that's supposed to be special.

Attainability: I see 3 potential cures for this. The first is making sets drop from specific farmable enemies. The second is to make them craftable (depending on how crafting recipes are acquired, I'm assuming bought from merchants, but making them account-wide unlocks could add replayability). The third is already planned, the Ancients Rift which I take to be random generated "dungeons" of a sort, which can make a nice infinite endgame, and being infinite would hypothetically allow eventual collection of all drops, but this would mean sets being rare, too rare for the average gamer to ever possess (the kind that finishes the story, dabbles in the extra content, then moves on).

Relevancy: This is difficult to speculate on without knowing how the game's progression works. The first question is 'how high is the stat ceiling', by this I mean what is the difference in stats between starting gear and maxed out end-game gear? If it uses small stat increases this won't be much of an issue, if an end game ship is only 2-3 times more powerful than a starting ship. If the gap is wide, then it becomes a major issue of wasted work both for the players who can only viably use the set for a short while and the devs who created it. An option that might alleviate this would be a gear upgrade system that would allow equipment to be upgraded to the next tier, ideally requiring materials attained from content of that tier.

Keeping them interesting: As I said earlier, simple stat gains are a bit boring for something like a full set, especially if they are difficult to complete. To keep them interesting I would suggest non-stat bonus's for max completion, for example the ability to teleport a short distance in a chosen direction, or have the ship split into a group of ships for a short period, or an additional special weapon. You get the idea.

Anyways, these are just my personal opinions on the matter, figured I toss them out there. Sorry if I'm a bit verbose.


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    Hi! We have not yet implemented that but I'd like to go away from the classic "set gear" to items that work together when equipped. So, for example if you equip an energy core of a certain manufacturer it will give bonus output to weapons that also have the same manufacturer.

    We are also evaluating a "gear upgrade system" that you mentioned to be able to make older gear relevant again.
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    Yeah at first glance I think I would avoid sets designed in a way similar to Diablo only because when implemented, either they are the best gear and then everyone uses the same items because they must complete most or all of the set, or they are not the best gear and then no one uses them so the set is useless. In other words I think they restrict the flexibility of gear options rather than maintain that innate flexibility when a game has no sets.

    I have not gotten too into itemization yet of the prototype but when I do I may have some other thoughts.
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