Version Update with Game Pass on PC

I got EverSpace through Microsoft Game Pass on PC. I think I installed it on 16th December last year (2019) - but for some reason, the version that was installed was v1.2.10.2

This is quite frustrating, since the version I'm running seems to be affected by the Wreck Retrieval bug that was fixed in 1.3.0, which was apparantly submitted to the Microsoft Store back in September 2018.

Is there a known problem with the Game Pass version? Is there any way to force it to update? Or, is there any way I can switch to a different version (I'd pretty much be happy to buy the game now, if I can do it without losing my saved progress)


  • ROCKFISH_UweROCKFISH_Uwe HamburgAdministrator Posts: 118
    Sorry for the inconvenience. We'll have our UWP submission tech team look into it, they'll be on it tomorrow and you'll get a reply soon.
  • ROCKFISH_AndiROCKFISH_Andi Administrator Posts: 1,317
    Hi Rocketeer,

    unfortunately there is no later version for the Microsoft Store Universal Windows Platform version than the one you have installed. The Xbox version received a few more updates but due to technical problems we're pretty much unable to release further updates on UWP at the moment. More bad news for you: It could be complicated to transfer your save game from the UWP version to the Steam/GOG version. You might be lucky googling the UWP save file location, but it could be that the files are encrypted and won't work when copying to the Steam/GOG save folder location, we have not tried it.
  • RocketeerRocketeer Member Posts: 2
    Well, I have to say that the response “we’re pretty much unable to release further updates on UWP” has me feeling very cranky. Fortunately, there are two factors that mean I’m going to totally forgive you for this...
    1. I’m a software developer. I’ve lived that life, and I know full well the pain that is caused when a secure code needed for releasing on a particular platform (iOS in my case) gets stored somewhere so secure that no-one can ever get to it again. If that’s the cause of your problems, you have my sympathy.
    2. More importantly, I gave up a bit over the weekend, and purchased the game on Steam. In my first half-dozen runs, I got further than I had in my first 30 runs originally... and in my most recent run, I picked up blueprints for an ARC-9000. Those blueprints have earned you a huge amount of forgiveness!
    Knowing that there’s not likely to be a fix on Windows any time soon gives me the closure I need to abandon that save, and keep playing on Steam. A bit of a shame I can’t play it on the 55” TV with a shared save from my PC now - but the wife is busy watching Celebrity Coach Trip, so I doubt I’d have had a chance anyway!
  • ROCKFISH_AndiROCKFISH_Andi Administrator Posts: 1,317
    Sorry about the unlikeliness of further updates, but it would be so much work that we'd only lose time and money on it.
    However, I did some digging, a user posted this on our discord and you might still be able to transfer your save files: Look for the folder \AppData\Local\Packages\ROCKFISHGames.EVERSPACE_wm11qtfe9fmzj\SystemAppData\wgs\

    Inside will be 2 folders with a randomly generated name, in one of them you should see a couple of files. Essentally they match up with the steam saves, but their filenames are randomized. The biggest one should be the save file for your overall progress (and the only important one), it should be between 150 and 270kb in size.

    So with Everspace closed, you could go to your steam save game location, which is \AppData\Local\RSG\Saved\SaveGames and make a backup copy of your CurrentPlayerSave.sav (just to be sure) and then replace it with the big file from the other folder, renaming it to CurrentPlayerSave.sav.

    Note that you can access the AppData\Local folder easily by typing %LocalAppData% in a Windows explorer address field.
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