Demo Achievements thread!

Share any and all notable achievements in the demo - there isn't an actual system to do this in the demo, so lets log them here, instead.


  • CuzCuzCuzCuz Member Posts: 3
    Maybe: Destroy an enemy drone with a throwable object like a explosive barrel.
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    Basic Achievements
    • Bring the shadow creatures back together near the homebase.
    • Return the evacuee to the nearby station.
    • Procure the smuggler's stash and sell it.
    • Destroy the outlaw base.
    • Bring the shadow creatures back together in the outlaw territory.
    • Adjust the panels per the scientist's request.
    • Fix up and remove the station's outlaw madcap problem.
    • Destroy the warped in outlaw destroyer.
    • Finish detonating the asteroid.
    • Track down the broken drone.
    • Escape an interception.
    • Visit all 4 locations.
    • Find and equip a legendary item.
    Advanced Achievements
    • Throw a barrel bomb at an enemy to destroy it.
    • Destroy an outlaw madcap pod by throwing its own mine back at it.
    • Let a sticky turret get the killing blow.
    • Launch a piece of debris at an enemy to destroy it.
    • Break all the containers of a G&B transport before destroying the transport itself.
    • Protect the G&B transports at an unknown signal location.
    Completionist Achievements
    • Crack open all 6 hidden asteroid secrets.
    • Reach level 10.
    • Collect 1,000,000 credits.
    • Collect all 15 legendary items.
  • Agreed, thats a great list.

    Only thing I have left to do is get one more legendary and I've done everything on that list 0.0
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