Beating Gorc

I'm really struggling with this but determined to get the achievement.
I'm playing on PC on hard difficulty.
Whenever I fight Gorc, I collect the energy cores (one at a time) and place them where they're supposed to go. But nothing happens - Gorc takes no damage from the missiles. I'm waiting for the shields to start recharging before I take them where I'm supposed to. However, before I start collecting the cores I take out the turrets on the main ship as they're so lethal. Sometimes, but only sometimes, the missiles hit, but then I die before getting any further. My tactics so far are to use drones, cloak, Arc-9000 missiles and Heavy missiles. I have no resources for anything else.

So, some questions...
Do I have to kill of the drones etc before I can launch the missiles?
Is there a time window when the shields are recharging where I have to place the energy cores? If so, what's the maximum percentage the shields need to be recharge to?
Is the fight glitched in any way?
Should I be doing something else to launch the missiles or is it automatic once I've dropped energy cores off?

I REALLY want to get 100% achievements on this but I just can't get past the Gorc battle. Nothing seems to be working.


  • EverspacedEverspaced Member Posts: 5
    Sorry I can't find a way to edit my post. I have another couple of questions...
    If I beat Gorc on easy settings, will he still be there when I return on hard difficulty?
    Are either Gorc's ship or the fighters he deploys more difficult on hard difficulty or are they the same whichever difficulty setting you choose?
    I'm not at the point where I'm finding this so difficult, I'm thinking beat Gorc on easy setting, then go for the hard difficulty achievement. Pulling my hair out here.
  • ROCKFISH_HCKROCKFISH_HCK Moderator Posts: 579
    Hi! If you fire the missiles right after the thermal beam you should be fine. You can see the recharge rate of Gorc's shield so you should immediately fire the missile after the beam when the shield recharge percentage is still low. I'm not aware of any remaining bugs in this mission.

    Here's a video where someone beats him. Maybe it helps?

    Also, you can destroy Gorc on any difficulty, it does not matter for the achievements. Gorc and the number of fighters are the same on every difficulty, the fighters just aim a little bit worse on easy.
  • EverspacedEverspaced Member Posts: 5
    At last, I "took one for the team". I've been a hardcore gamer for many many years (my first computer was a commodore PET), so when I say that was one of the hardest challenges I've ever played you know where I'm coming from.
    So (for anyone struggling with this) I changed my strategy...
    Initially, fire 2 Arc-9000's to take out some of the turrets on Gorc's ship. Then, using cloak, I finish off all of the lower turrets with a shock rifle (three +'s) and further heavy missiles (there's some on both sides of his ship so be sure to take them all out). Don't worry about the turrets on top of the ship although you can take them out if you wish. When the ship spawns fighters, lock on to them individually and take them out with heavy missiles.
    Now for the cores. Collect each core and get close enough to where you need to drop them off. When the beam is charging, take out the fighters with heavy missiles until it fires. Then, when it fires and the shields start recharging, drop off the cores.
    Take your time. Cloak will give you enough time to find good hiding spots and take out the fighters.
    Wow! That was tough!!!
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