Trading between systems.

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In GOF2, you can travel around systems to deliver good and hopefully earn a few bucks to afford new ships. In the demo however. you only get 60% of the value. Of course, Adam is not a trader(yet), so with perks and relationships this can eventually become more fair, but I doubt if this will change to say 100% or 120%, but you can earn by trading to the other end of the map. And please, no more exploding cargos.


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    We don't know about the economy system they plan on using just yet - but @Giraffasaur mentions, every time economy is bought up, that the system will likely be location based, a-la gof 2, but on a larger scale.

    I do hope that the perks/skilltree system will extend to trading. I imagine the rep system + a cargo module perk on trading returns would be the most likely implementation of that.
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    Everspace 2 is still an arcadey space shooter, it just has a lot more loot this time around. As such, it may be a bit difficult giving options that focus only on trading when there are more combat heavy choices in the mix (I feel most would go for combat because of the very nature of the game).

    This would need to be delicately handled, but I could see it happening.

    Otherwise, the value of items will also be determined to where you take the item to. The demo only has 4 locations, all in the Ceto system, so nothing has too much value over anything else. (While we haven't implemented any changes between these star systems yet, the point is that there will be in the future and your choice of goods and market will affect your profits.)
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    your choice of goods and market will affect your profits

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