Where can I find backer packs for this game?

A friend just told me about this game yesterday, he backed it a couple months ago. He said I could visit the Everspace website to back the game. I visited the website this morning and I am unable to find them, when I click the "Get Involved" button nothing happens. Can you still buy support packages for this game or did they meet their goal? I really want to back this game but I can't figure out how.


  • HazzyDevilHazzyDevil Member Posts: 27
    “ Hey there, the crowdfunding has officially ended, but we’re running a grace period for late comers by sending out invites until 12/31.”

    I suggest getting in contact with one of the devs. Join the discord if you can at discord.gg/RockfishGames since it’ll be easiest to reach them there.
  • Ta2punkTa2punk Member Posts: 2
    Ah ok, thanks. I will join the discord and see if I can get into contact with anyone. I would really like to back this game.
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