Thoughts on the ability to dual wield primary weapons?

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Dual Wielding Primary Weapons

So this was a feature in galaxy on fire 2 where you could equip multiple weapons and have them shoot together which allowed for having some crazy combinations and variety in the way you played. Just want to know if its something others would like to have and what you guys think should be done to make it work if it can work. I can see some issues:

Energy Consumption

Firstly the weapons in gof having infinite ammo (no energy requirement), so firing them both wouldn't be an issue. Whereas if it were implemented here, the energy pools would need to be combined into one. And that pool would drain faster than normal (unless they are fired one after the other and not at the same time, and each weapon has its own energy pool so the pool will get the combined energy from both weapons but won't theoretically drain at twice the rate). A solution to this would be to restrict what weapon's can be equipped with other weapons at the same time. Perhaps a class of 'dual wielding' weapons which can have those weapons work on its own or with other of the same class. These weapons would be energy efficient so they don't drain the combined pool and have decent fire rate thus decent damage, but introduce drawbacks specifically when combined.

Damage Balancing

Another would be balancing since having two weapons at the same time would of course be way more powerful. It should be something that wont be overused to the point where just using one weapon becomes obsolete but not massively niche where its useless and not used at all. Whether that be by having tradeoffs to stop them from being op and overused and/or restricting this ability to only heavy ships which are meant to be the stronger ships.

Another solution would be simply to have a single drop come with two different weapons, and equipping this one item would act as equipping two different weapons as they both are connected and work hand in hand. I guess this then poses the issue of having some wanting to have one of the weapons on its own but not the other if they feel that one of them isnt good.


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    AFAIK this is being looked into. Erik showed off on stream a gunship blockout which had 4 primaries (effectively allowing for 2 weapons to be fired at once), so I expect we will see something like this for the larger, Heavy class of ship in the full game.
    Also Andi mentioned this

    Yeah, it's not really tweaked and balanced, yet. Differences will be more meaningful later. And you seem to have read our minds, because we started implementing suggestion 2 a few weeks ago and are currently testing/evaluating this approach

    Suggesting that separated energy pools for weapons are also being looked at.

    Lastly in terms of balancing, I don't necessarily know if nerfing the weapons when they're used together is the best - maybe reducing the effectiveness of the specific weapon's perks or an overall handling/agility reduction (hence maybe why they're only ever seen on heavies) could do the trick.
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    I don’t know if a ship having 4 primaries = being able to shoot 2 of them at once. It could just be 4 slots that you can equip and change through. And there needs to be something like a nerf to make using a weapon on its have some advantage or purpose and not shift the game design to only use multiple weapons at once. Restricting them to heavy class ships I guess could be okay but idk if everyone else would like this since some might want to fly a medium class and have the ability to shoot multiple weapons at once.
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    Erik showed 4 primary weapon placeholders on the ship exterior and said it could potentially lead to the ability to fire two primaries at once.

    I don't have an answer for balancing and I don't think there's much point in discussing it as itemization and balancing starts in alpha, whereas the demo is technically their progress in August. I agree other people might want to do certain things, but I want a ship with the handling and manoeuvrability of a scout with the weapons and armour of a gunship in Everspace 1 - its just part of game design that not everyone gets what they want - there's a grander scope to consider and compromises must be made - not that it should deter people from suggesting things.

    @Giraffasaur I would love to know if 2 primary weapons firing at once will lead to a more meaningful experience to all and that you'll give us more info when the time is right :wink:
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    lol_hype said:

    @Giraffasaur I would love to know if 2 primary weapons firing at once will lead to a more meaningful experience to all and that you'll give us more info when the time is right :wink:

    We would want to make sure it would lead to a more meaningful experience if we implemented it, and I don't think we've found significant data yet that pushes it being a game-breaking concept. If anything, it could be used to make two very powerful weapons sync up and absolutely wipe the floor in the game.

    So, this type of addition would need to be very carefully (and thoughtfully) added through balancing. With more and more stacking up to make this possible, I have to say the likelihood of bringing it to fruition becomes less and less.

    Still, anything can happen. I'm curious what others think about the idea of dual-wielding primary weapons, so I hope to see this thread continue to thrive.
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    Agreed, this thread needs to be kept alive.

    I definitely want to see separate energy pools for primary weapons and maybe that could tie into the dual primaries argument, in that, maybe as soon as you start stacking them, their energy pool specs average, or merge etc.
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