Throttle back to LB and LTrigger

Sorry, I'm one of those controller-players. PLEASE PLEASE put throttle back onto the left button and left trigger (reverse and forward thrust respectively) Everything about the new demo feels and looks awesome except that the controls have been changed. At least tell me you'll add configurable controls in a future update so I can change it. It's just WAY more comfortable to squeeze the trigger to travel than to shove the stick exactly straight for your whole trip, even with the new drive speeds.


  • ROCKFISH_AndiROCKFISH_Andi Administrator Posts: 1,317
    Hi, you can already change the controls and also freely configure them in the current version. If you want the classic ES1 controls you can just select the respective preset. In the pause menu, go to "options" , then select the subtab "input ", select "customize controls" and there at the top select the preset "GAMEPAD SCHEME B - RIGHT-HANDED (ORIGINAL EVERSPACE A)"
  • johnweythekjohnweythek Member Posts: 6
    Hey, thanks. I didn't even see those options at the top, and probably couldn't have figured all that out if I had. Now I have perfectly set up Everspace 2 to play? Good bye weekend! Also, it's running (and looking) great @1440p. As I'm making this reply it alt+tabs in and out no problem. My machine is admittedly built as an over the top gaming rig but it really looks like you guys are off to a great start!
  • Mordeth_KaiMordeth_Kai Member, Kickstarter Alpha Backer ES2 Posts: 11
    Just my opinion, but I like the new controls and found that the fast mode (not sure what the term is but you hold down x (playstation) and it goes fast until you hit the brakes) mitigates the issue of holding a thumbstick forward for long duration's. Current default controls are ideal for combat and tight maneuvers, like flying inside debris, where constant forward input would cause a lot of crashing.
  • johnweythekjohnweythek Member Posts: 6
    Yeah, i just think, i guess, in terms of, I've got all the movement on one axis on one stick, all my looking on another, and my throttle where i'm used to it from all the hours in ES1. When i get back into it more (i put most of my hours of ES1 into the pre-release) I can really fly up close and dart around in the space debris. It's not a problem now with a level 1 or 3 now slow ship but I had my ships maxxed in the other games and they got pretty quick.
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