A few bugs when playing in VR (WMR). Most severe: Joystick goes crazy.

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Hello smart people from Rockfish Games.

I love your game, but I do have some problems :)

All bugs are related to EVERSPACE on Steam (the version that is the current one on 2019-12-18) when playing in SteamVR mode using a WMR headset "Lenovo Explorer". The bugs are not related to the VR functionality itself though. But it seems, when running in VR, basic features don't work anymore or are faulty. There are NO SUCH problems, when playing without VR on a normal monitor!

1) Flightstick usage is not possible anymore. One of the main reasons, why I bought the game was the combination "VR + Joystick" support. I have been playing with a Saitek 290 Pro (USB), with no major problems. But now I have a "Nedis Atstum USB Force Joystick" and after a few minutes of flying, the controls go crazy. The ship yaws and pitches and rolls in a constant direction although the stick is centered. This happens randomly. AS IF the calibration was lost. I'm not saying, that the calibration IS lost, but it feels like. Just to get an idea. My deadzones are set to 0, which was always fine, I still had a dead zone around the center, maybe from Windows. When I restart the game, control is back to normal, but goes crazy after a very short time. Checking the calibration in Windows - everything works as expected. The stick ist brand new.

2) Some popups in the menu (like YES/NO questions on applying the controls) do not close occasionally after I clicked YES. I cannot click anything else then, I have to terminate the process.

3) Swapping weapons/devices/consumables in flight does not do anyhting. Clicking Swap (Enter) does not swap the item. Just nothing happens apart from some quick unreadable message and sound, as if the item was swapped. But it isn't. I have to remove the old one and pick up the new one in 2 steps.

4) In the equipment view, when I click a plus- or upgrade button (e.g. of a primary weapon), the upcoming menu is in the right place, but not related to the item in which it is displayed. When I had clicked on a device before, the menu visible in the wepon slot performs actions on the device, not on the weapon. I have to explicitely select the primary wepon, and THEN click the plus- or upgrade button.

5) While charging for a regular jump, when I look completely away from the spot, and THEN move the ship away (which usually interrupts the charging), the charging goes on no matter where I point the ship. Maybe that's been resolved? Because yesterday when I looked away (keeping the ship straight), the charging stopped directly. The charging should only depend on the ship, ignoring my head movement.

Please keep in mind, that all 5 bugs do not occur, when playing on a monitor.

Are you still fixing bugs? I wouldn't want to play on monitor only from now on :( Can you confirm all this as bugs or can you help me out in a different way?

If you need more information, please ask for specificly, otherwhise I would be posting another 40 lines, maybe useless ones, thank you :)


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    Is nobody reading bug reports anymore? :o
  • ROCKFISH_AndiROCKFISH_Andi Administrator Posts: 1,218
    We're still reading, but we're unable to help here.
    - Our "VR and Hotas guy" left the company a few months ago and with him pretty much all knowledge regarding these topics is gone
    - We don't really plan any fixes/updates for Everspace anymore
    - We don't even officially support WMR
    - It seems especially hard to do anything given the fact that everything seems to be fine in the 2D version and even with your old joystick. We're using a thrid party joystick plugin and won't be able to adjust any problems with your new joystick
    - Sorry!

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    Oh, that's sad news :(
    But thanks for replying and giving this information.
    What does that mean for Everspace 2? Might this have similar problems and also no official WMR support?
  • ROCKFISH_AndiROCKFISH_Andi Administrator Posts: 1,218
    I guess I have even more sad news for you: We might not even have VR support in Everspace 2 at all - and if we decide to add it, it might be a different app. (We did get a lot of negative reviews for Everpace 1 from VR users and VR for Everspace 2 will be even more expensive and complicated to add when considering that there will be more and more different devices which makes it harder to support all of them without any problems)
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