Satellites and other space objects

I’d like to see satellites and/or other structures that provide either a bonus or penalty for that specific location they are in. A couple of scenarios can be created from this.

For example, using a factions’ satellite will give you maybe a sensor bonus or boosts to other stats, items, modules etc. It could also show places that wouldn’t normally be seen without this satellite in that specific sector. This applies to both outside the planet (in-space) and inside the planet (in-atmo)

Another scenario is where the satellite is potentially jamming your signals, sensors etc, providing boosts to the enemies whilst giving you stat debuffs. This would potentially open the option to allow for hacking the satellite and turning the tides around.

Also taking control of various satellites or at least connecting to them throughout the galaxy can provide further bonuses for example:

1 satellite connected: stat increase

5 satellites connected: stat increase, unique passive unlocked, new location unlocked in the map

10 satellites unlocked: stat increase, unique passives unlocked, new locations unlocked in the map, loot drop area unlocked.

Of course this is just an example and probably needs to be tweaked and changed but still definitely something that would add a lot to the game. What are your thoughts?


  • Mordeth_KaiMordeth_Kai Member, Kickstarter Alpha Backer ES2 Posts: 11
    A lot of different ways something like that could be implemented, the issue I see is that a game has to be balanced with the maximum power a player can attain (or realistically have at that point) taken into account, which has a way of turning a bonus like this into a necessity, which could become tedious. As long as its a once and done kind of thing and not something you have to re-do every couple hours it would be fine though.
  • KardininKardinin Member, Kickstarter Alpha Backer ES2 Posts: 15
    Agree w/ Mordeth_Kai.

    I don't want to have to do a potentially tedious thing (satellite connecting, snipe hunting, or whatever) over and over again to maintain a damage level.
  • HazzyDevilHazzyDevil Member Posts: 27
    edited December 2019
    Doesn’t necessarily have to be related to damage hence why I mentioned stats as it could be anything. If anything I’d imagine the non-offensive stats being affected. So sensor range, map layout, etc
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