Massive station/cities and other thoughts?

Yulia11Yulia11 Customer, Collector Beta Backer ES1 Posts: 84
Would love to see a massive station with internal shops, possibly even walking npcs and other ships, and the ability to fire on them. You would only be able to do major upgrades here or in your home base. -BEEP-, maybe even a pirate invasion kind. In everspace 1 the only one station worthy is final area.
Non lethal weaponry for arrest, like a semi permanent emp missile, a weaker lightning gun or hacking. -BEEP-, maybe even gel bubble or force field bubble.
True maze worth ancient temples with only a vague sense of direction.
Playable Okkar or g&b ships.
Thermal and beam turrets.


  • HazzyDevilHazzyDevil Member Posts: 26
    Massive stations is definitely something I would love as well. As for walking npcs, I don’t think that will happen here but definitely should be plenty of ships coming in and out of the stations, meeting hubs etc.

    Upgrades to your ship imo should differ depending on station and the station’s tech level.

    Playable okkar, g&b (and all the other factions that are coming) ships would be nice but the module layout of the ships seem to make this hard. I’d say have the ability to get individual parts from other ships to make your ship look like theirs. As of now the ships follow a clean robust look that can be customised to your liking but seem to lack the crazy exotic look of some of the ships from GoF series that I loved, which I’ll add in this comment somewhere.
  • lol_hypelol_hype Member, Kickstarter Alpha Backer ES2 Posts: 47
    Massive stations (space cities) will be a thing as far as I know. Upgrades to your ship and what is at each station at this point are looking to depend on location/economy faction to a smaller degree.

    The 9 ship class system will be the only playable ships (confirmed), but when you consider the possible combos, unique ships won't be hard, in fact I'm sure we will end up with a separate discord channel just to show off ships due to the granularity of the customizations promised.

    No news on walking NPCs in stations, but there are hints that we will have to enter some stations to dock, so there may be a possibility there.
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