PS4 Aim Problem

Hi guys,
I ve just buy EverSpace but i have a bad feeling about this...
What's wrong with aiming on PS4?? It's simply impossible to adjust properly aiming, the game is unplayable!
When i slowly move the right stick to aim a target, i can't move in diagonal, only up/down or left/right but not together. It's just impossible to have a good play and the feeling is horrible!!
I play on c configuration whatever sensitivity i choose it's the same problem. My controller is ok.
Just play your game on ps4 to see what i mean

Fix it PLZ


  • ROCKFISH_AndiROCKFISH_Andi Administrator Posts: 1,138

    I tested it, and I think I know what you mean. It's the first time this is reported, noone ever seemed to have noticed / bothered, though (including myself, I once finsihed the game on PS4 on my first run on normal without a single perk upgraded). The controls are the same across all platforms, so I don't think we plan on changing them after such a long time since the game's released (players are used to it).

    However, there is an option on PC where you can toggle off some "Input Smoothing" (filtering) we're doing and this seems to fix the problem. Now, this option only exists on PC currently (it was basically added for HOTAS players). I can't promise that there will be another update on PS4, but I guess If we do another one, it would be easy enough to also include this option.
  • KanCoyoteKanCoyote Member Posts: 3
    edited October 2019
    The problem isn't smoothing... It is the dead zone i think.
    In your game dead zone up down is about 10, left right=10 and diagonal is 20...
    When we slowly curve the right stick in diagonal, the crosshair doesn't go in diagonal but up/down or right/left befor you cross the diagonal dead zone. It 's killing all feeling about aiming
    Hey guys!! Nobody do this -BEEP- since Golden Eye on Nintendo64!!
  • ROCKFISH_AndiROCKFISH_Andi Administrator Posts: 1,138
    I tested it, It's our smoothing which kinda creates a deadzone
  • KanCoyoteKanCoyote Member Posts: 3
    Well, i hope you will improve it in a patch soon.
    Thank you for answers.
  • kanokanorkanokanor Member Posts: 1
    I'm still hoping a patch what enables reconfigure the deadzone on PS4
  • PedalToTheMetalPedalToTheMetal Member Posts: 145
    I guess that's not the deadzone alone, but the way the amplification is applied. The fun here is, the 2D deadzone must be round, it must never cause any axis-snapping! Although not on a PS4, a while ago I messed with the gamepad input (used two XInput-compliant ones, obtained from different manufacturers and featuring different analogue sticks) for various tasks (wanted both speed and accuracy at the same time), and figured the only correct processing order (all the other ones produced issues close to the one described):
    1. Obtain the X and Y axis raw signed floating-point input (e.g. subtract the midpoint if necessary, convert to floats).
    2. Calculate the length of the vector obtained in step 1.
    3. Compare the length with the deadzone value, exit returning zeroes if less than (will also prevent a possible divide-by-zero later).
    4. Normalize the vector from step 1 by dividing it by the length value
    5. Subtract the deadzone from the length.
    6. (optional) Clamp the new length at a value of ([max. output amplitude]-[deadzone])
    7. Apply the amplification function to the final length value (a square one, e.g. (L/([max. output amplitude]-[deadzone]))^2, is already pretty neat).
    8. Multiply the unit direction vector from step 4 by the amplified knob offset from step 7, return the resulting X and Y values.
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