Mac OS Catalina 64 bit Update?

Just bought this game on steam for Mac OS right after I updated to Catalina. Doesn't seem to work :( Wondering if there will be a 64 bit update for the game?


  • ROCKFISH_AndiROCKFISH_Andi Administrator Posts: 1,317
    Hi, it's too early to tell. Keep in mind the game was released more than two years ago and we're now busy with Everspace 2. We'd first have to test this first, but as there seem to be some major changes with this OS, it could be that we won't be able to fix this ourselves and might have to wait for a new Unreal Engine version from Epic. So, if there will be an update (and there might be none), don't expect it anytime, soon.
  • wwladwwlad Member Posts: 2
    Wow, I finally got past the "I am not a robot" thing and logged in.
    My copy seems to work on Catalina except the enemy ships are far to fast to follow or hit with a laser or gun. Missiles seem to work well. It took me over 30 min to get past the beginners section - I just couldn't get the enemy ship in my sights. I am using the keyboard and touchpad on a 2017 MacBook pro, 13".
    Everything else seems to work well and the graphics are great. I think I will like EverSpace 2 even more.
  • MitchismoMitchismo Member Posts: 4
    What's odd is that I have a MacBook running Catalina that runs the game but a desktop MacBook which does not. Is there a 64 bit version in there? Is there some command I can give it to get it to run on the iMac.

    It still runs great in BootCamp—but it seems odd it will run on one Mac in Catalina but not the other.
  • GaijinGGGaijinGG Member Posts: 3
    Hi there! Any update on this? I see Everspace in the App Store and am considering buying it, but just got a Mac with the latest update of Catalina. Should I buy it or wait?
  • MitchismoMitchismo Member Posts: 4
    It works fine! Sorry about that. It works. Should the launcher it creates fail to operate, go to the Steam Install Directory and make an alias of the actual application: steamapps/common/EVERSPACE/

    Launching the app directly got me around the failure.
  • MitchismoMitchismo Member Posts: 4
    In short, you *SHOULD* absolutely buy this game. It's amazing and should operate fine in Catalina.
  • GaijinGGGaijinGG Member Posts: 3
    Thanks Mitchismo! You sold me. :-)
  • GaijinGGGaijinGG Member Posts: 3
    Oops! The latest Catalina is giving me a "malicious software" message. Where is this Steam Install Directory? Should I download the individual files?

  • MitchismoMitchismo Member Posts: 4
    edited March 2020
    Go to system preferences/security and privacy and under general you should be able to disable or override that prompt.

    I’m not sure how you would install the individual files—but you should not have a problem installing it as long as your security system preferences allows you to open third party apps.
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