Just started playing this game and...just... "WOW"

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For a while I was looking for a good space dog fighter game. I found a few. some of them were free-to-play with a stronger emphasis on Pay-to-win, so naturally they didn't make the cut. Others just didn't seem all that great. In the end I bought EVERSPACE and Elite Dangerous. Both good games, each with a different focus.

EVERSPACE is perfect for scratching that itch to just get in there and start shooting. I LOVE it. The environment is amazing with very stunning visuals. The action is perfect and challenging even on easy difficulty. I love how each stage is Randomly generated (i think). IT makes for good variety. However, there is one particularly terrifying combination. I believe we can all agree on this one. The Dark Nebula with a F!@#$ng BLACK HOLE. Talk about nerve racking.

I am completely impressed. For what the game is, it does it exceptionally well. I have never played GoF series, but looking into them I can see where this game gets its roots. To go from the Mobile market and take on the big time of PC and Console is an accomplishment of its own. However, to have a game like this on PC and to NOT have a multiplayer mode just seems like a missed opportunity. I am not sure if sales figures or the games popularity merits an MP mode, But I am sure that pretty much anyone who has played this game would most likely welcome the option to play an Arena mode with their friends or match made games. So, maybe the next game in the franchise will incorporate such a mode even it a minimal level.

How would I do this? Simple. Everyone starts off with a base version of whatever ship they choose. During the course of the battle "your sister" will do her usual drop off of items (primary weapons, devices and/or consumables) every 3 minutes. I'd also have randomly spawned minable resources on the map. When a player is destroyed, you can loot their ship for a single upgrade within a 20 second window. Additionally, a percentage of their held resources are released for grab. I would NOT have it a battle royale, but rather a timed match where you can respawn and rejoin the fight (at base ship of course). I'd also have a team mode possible with objectives. If the resource method of gathering and crafting is too complex then you can handle it much like other games such as "Counterstrike source" and kills net you $$$ and that money can be used to purchase equipment before you respawn. This is how i would design it.

Lastly. while the game was simple and fun. If RockFish ever partnered with a Publisher, or had a larger team with a larger budget, I feel like this Franchise has WAY more potential to be a deeper, more story driven AAA game. I would easily shell out $60 for it and more. Under the condition that it will NEVER have "LOOTBOXES" or Pay-to-win mechanics/MTX. I am perfectly fine with cosmetics such as decals and ship designs. but nothing that gives a clear advantage. If you wanted to make new ships, maybe you can look to WarGaming.inc for how they handle this. there is also the Free-to-play route. but i dont recommend it. unless you want to make a purely Multiplayer game in the likeness of this game. but again. no pay-to-win.

Thank you for this beautiful amazingly fun game.


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    Hi, thanks for the praise! We're glad you're enjoying our game!

    You'll be pleased to hear that we've announced Everspace 2, which will not be a rogue-like, but an open world space shooter with RPG elements. No plans for multiplayer, though, it would cost us too much time and money.

    We will have another Kickstarter campaign for the game, starting October 2nd.

    The plan is to release the game in Steam Early Access in 2020 (late) and go into full release in 2021 (late).

    Steam Store page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1128920/EVERSPACE_2/

    Website: https://www.everspace.game/

    Announcement trailer:

    20 minutes Let's Play of the protoype we showed at gamescom:
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    TBH I'm twice happy - for the fact it is coming somewhat soon (two years is considered fast for a large-scale project), and for the fact there will be no multiplayer! No, seriously - there is so much of that online junk already - and almost nothing for those who just want a whole universe to murder the stuff out of your random foes, without the evermoaning kids, thought-up "guilds" and pointless "online balance" where you have to grind and wait like forever to be able to do at least something. I truly loved ES at least for the fact you can just start it up and have your well-deserved evening fun right away, and it is really nice this concept will remain!
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    Please add switch support and multiplayer. Just dont rush and work thoroughly that will pay off...
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