Achievements not unlocking on Xbox

I've been loving Everspace and I'm trying to get all the achievements, but I've run into a huge problem. So far, two achievements (Wrong Time, Wrong Place and Painbringer) have not unlocked for me despite my having met the requirements. For the first, it requires you to get 1000 kills but I have nearly 2000 and it still hasn't unlocked. For the later, it requires having a primary weapon other than the Ancient Weapon equipped that does over 200 hull or shield damage, which I've done multiple times.

I've tried hard restarting the console and uninstalling and reinstalling the game, but neither has worked. I'd try deleting the local save but Everspace doesn't seem to have cloud saves and I really don't want to accidentally lose all my progress on top of this problem.

Any idea how to fix this?


  • NoxMortiisNoxMortiis Member Posts: 3
    Posting a reply since I don't see a way to edit the post; I misread the requirements of Painbringer and got it to unlock when I had the correct DPS. However, the kills achievement still hasn't unlocked, and I currently have 2781 kills.
  • ROCKFISH_AndiROCKFISH_Andi Administrator Posts: 1,317
    Hi, I just checked the source code for the "Wrong Time, Wrong Place" Achievement and I can't see anything wrong with, it's really straight-forward and if you have an "enemy defeats" number of more than thousand showing up on the data/stats page, it definitely should trigger. I've also not heard of a single case on PC where the achievement did not unlock. And as there are also many players that have achieved it on XBox I can't see anything inherently wrong with it - So my guess would be that it is a glitch in the Xbox achievement system and there probably was a connection error or something while the achievement was achieved or something. It looks like you've already tried lots of things, but maybe you find the solution here:
  • NoxMortiisNoxMortiis Member Posts: 3
    I've done everything on that page. Even tried another quick run just now; kill count is at 3108 now. Tracking is at 0%, though I don't believe any achievements were tracked for this game. All other achievements unlocked as they should have, just this last one locked.
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