Karlies Mission disappeared after dying while in OkkarHomeworld

LoA ManaiLoA Manai Member Posts: 2
XBOX One - v1.3.3.36383

- After jumping the first time during the mission to collect the lost drones in the Okkar Homeworld i have been destroyed.
- After that Karlie doesnt appear anymore! even not in the missionlists ( revious and previous ) she is completly gone as she wasnt excist (or the missions)
- Also after 25-30 runs wasnt a wormhole seen..


  • ROCKFISH_AndiROCKFISH_Andi Administrator Posts: 1,218
    Hi, sorry to hear that - I remember that we received another bug report like yours a few months back, but we were unable to reproduce the problem, so we're not sure how this can happen and how to fix it. If you were on PC we could ask you for your save game, try to modify it so the mission triggers again and send it back to you, but unfortunately we're unable to do so on Xbox - So I'm very sorry to say this, but I'm afraid that the only way for you to finish the Karlie mission arc is to reset your whole progress and start over...

    Do you remember exactly how you died during the mission? Maybe while some certain event was going on?
  • LoA ManaiLoA Manai Member Posts: 2
    Thanks for answering so quickly.
    Yes, its XBox-version.
    I died after i collected ( i think ...) after collecting the 3rd or 4th drone ( i think there were 5 to collect or 4? there was 1 left ) while i tried to destroy the big crystall.. i was shot down by an Okkar but i cannot remeber if it was an corvette,fregatte or an Hunter or some like this...
    ok- it wouldnt be a bad for me to start over but i dont know how to reset my progress... is it to erase/delete my save-file of the Game? Then i will try after i finish the other things like the last 4 challenges or tareens and throngs last missions....
  • ROCKFISH_AndiROCKFISH_Andi Administrator Posts: 1,218
    You can reset your progress by going to the main menu and then selecting options->game->reset game. Note that this really puts you back to square one, so, yes, I think it's smart to first try to finish all the other challenges and achievements before doing so. Again, sorry about the problem, I wish we were able to send you a fixed save game...
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