Freeze when leaving TAB menu

CrularCrular Posts: 2Member
Bought the game right after release, the expansion then too. Didn't come around playing it til now. Read a lot about a bug with the menu and people experiencing freezes while in the menu.

I have a quite similar problem, which happens every few sectors or every few opening and closing the TAB menu. I open the menu, do my thing there and close it, and quite often the game simply freezes. The music is still playing, but the graphics are frozen solid. I can tab in and out of it, but the game does not react to any key press or mouse movement.

I tried deleting all configs. started a new game, uninstalled and reinstalled the game, have all windows updates installed and all drivers are up to date. Also tried lower graphic settings and about every available setting in the game (fullscreen, windowed etc.).

Of course this is a game breaking bug. Is this a known one and is there any solution?


  • Grendal27Grendal27 Posts: 33Member
    Can you post your PC specs?
  • CrularCrular Posts: 2Member
    Intel i7-2700k, 12GB RAM, nVidia 1060 GTX, Soundblaster ZxR, Windows 10 Pro.
  • PedalToTheMetalPedalToTheMetal Posts: 141Member
    Where did you buy the game? Different stores have different DRM types so that may matter. Also make sure you have the latest patch installed, although I never encountered anything like this no matter what version I had.
    Anyway, I'd start off with disabling Win10's optimization features (afaik there are some, don't ask as I'm still on Win7). The other suspicious part is the audio card (just as it is something pretty much uncommon - most use integrated chips and myself I'm still using that old yet trusty SB Audigy), so I'd try lowering the sampling rate/DAC resolution to see if it makes a difference (even the older SB models can go as far as 24bit/96kHz, while setting them up to actually do that causes problems in some games).
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