EverspaceVR nonfunctional on Pimax 5k+

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Hey everyone! I picked up this game on sale this last week on steam. First time I've heard of the game and wanted to pick it up because it looked awesome and actually had VR support. Been having a blast on pancake mode so far, but I've run into a few roadblocks trying to play in VR.

My HMD is a Pimax 5K+. It's a high resolution, high FoV headset with nonparallel lenses in the headset. It has roughly 120/140/160(source here) horizontal FoV on small/normal/large modes and reports to steamVR as having a resolution of 6949x3291 in Large mode, a resolution of 3852x3291 in Normal mode, and a resolution of 2787x3291 in Small mode with supersampling set to 100% in all applications and using "parallel projection compatibility mode" for games that don't natively support non-parallel lenses. With that disabled, it reports 2638x2633 on Small, 3202x2633 on Medium and 4267x2633 on Large.

The rest of my hardware is Windows 10, 4790k Core i7, GTX1080TI, 16GB RAM, OS&Everspace installed on a Samsung 840EVO. My main display is a 1440p 144hz monitor. I am running the game on Steam/SteamVR (Pimax runs through SteamVR).

First problem: By default in Large mode, the VR supersampling in Everspace itself is set high enough that the game will immediately allocate too much VRAM and crash due to draw a texture roughly 22000x6000x1 (Had an unreal crash report once, haven't been able to get another one to copy&paste, sadly.) pixels big or so, due to defaulting to 160% SS in-game. I have to go into steamVR settings to reduce the supersampling in order to get into the options to lower the in-game supersampling.

Second problem: Example (Screenshot taken with parallel projection compatability mode off); The box in which the mouse cursor is confined to is extremely small. Staring at "continue" here, I cannot move my mouse any more rightwards. This problem makes using any menu interface in Everspace extremely difficult and straining on the eyes, due to only being able to use a small fraction of my FoV. With a smaller FoV mode, the mouse cursor works more as expected, covering more of my FoV. I suspect the game isn't accounting for variable FoV modes.

Third problem: The problem that actually brakes the game. The radar is completely broken in-game. Objects that are within my FoV that I'm looking at visually do not have any kind of UI indicator that they're actually there, It's completely impossible to warp to the next jump point because the marker completely vanishes when I look anywhere close to it, making it impossible to find. Once an enemy is on-screen, it's HUD indicator also completely vanishes, same for resources and other items.

I took a look around and I haven't found anyone else talking about these problems. I don't know if you guys still patch or support this game, or have the resources to look into these problems, but I very much hope that at least the radar/HUD could be fixed to make the game playable. If there's any more information you all need, or anything I can do to help, please let me know.


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    Hello there,
    Everspace doesn't currently support any VR devices other than Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. The issues you described all sound like they're related to the resolution of your headset - we will do some further patching but since we don't have any WMR test devices in our office, I can't promise you that we'll get around to fix these issues.
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    Pimax headsets are not WMR devices; the Pimax 5k+ runs through SteamVR/OpenVR. It's tracking is done through Valve lighthouses, and you can pair Vive wands with the Pimax for controllers. The OpenVR API is capable of polling relevant headset information from a Pimax 5k+/8k headset using the same functions as for the Vive. As long as any code written by game developers is built to scale to higher resolution/FoV it'll work fine, there's no special code needed for a Pimax beyond that for basic functionality. Picture of the left eye of my Pimax 5k+ running through SteamVR/OpenVR in Valve's example area in Unity. Note the HMD has a pi symbol on it in the steamVR status window.

    It's definitely related to the high resolution/FoV though. The problems get worse when I increase the FoV mode of the headset (and thus the resolution). The problems are also better when non-parallel compatibility mode is off (thus decreasing the resolution). Furthermore, I went off to dust off my old recording stuff, and I came across something odd.

    I setup OBS studio to record the game, and I had to set up the recording settings in an odd way. I was playing the game at 50% SteamVR supersampling for a resolution of 3017x1862. I had to setup OBS studio's canvas size to be 6034x1862 to record the entire window as it was being presented on my monitor (Which is much bigger than my 1440p monitor. The window isn't being rescaled to match my resolution at all) Despite having to double the horizontal resolution, it was still only displaying the left eye of the HMD on my monitor.

    I took a recording of the problems listed in the first post here. From 0:07-0:15 it's possible to see my actual windows mouse cursor in relation to the game cursor. From 0:15 onwards, it shows ingame footage of the radar display being broken. Something odd is going on with how the game draws it's UI.

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