Encounters Won't Install from Windows Store

Base game installs fine, but the expansion throws a Code: 0x80073D01. Several reviews in the Windows store from other users indicate they are unable to install Encounters as well. Microsoft support was unhelpful.

I have tried WSRESET, creating a new user and downloading from that, tried a VPN for different region to see if it was from a specific content provider, tried logging in and out of my account, tried 3 different Windows 10 machines, tried disabling all of my antivirus/firewall software and plenty of other Windows Store tricks. Nothing has helped and I believe this is something server side on Microsoft's end. I have no problems installing any other software from the Windows Store. Any help or suggestions appreciated.

This is my 2nd copy I have purchased of the game since I wanted to use the Play Anywhere save feature with my Xbox, but never knew the Windows Store was so infuriating.
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