Encounters Won't Install from Windows Store

Base game installs fine, but the expansion throws a Code: 0x80073D01. Several reviews in the Windows store from other users indicate they are unable to install Encounters as well. Microsoft support was unhelpful.

I have tried WSRESET, creating a new user and downloading from that, tried a VPN for different region to see if it was from a specific content provider, tried logging in and out of my account, tried 3 different Windows 10 machines, tried disabling all of my antivirus/firewall software and plenty of other Windows Store tricks. Nothing has helped and I believe this is something server side on Microsoft's end. I have no problems installing any other software from the Windows Store. Any help or suggestions appreciated.

This is my 2nd copy I have purchased of the game since I wanted to use the Play Anywhere save feature with my Xbox, but never knew the Windows Store was so infuriating.


  • sgsw8099sgsw8099 Member Posts: 1
    I'm having the same issue. just bought Everspace two days ago. Then decided to get the Encounters DLC and it fails with the code:0x80073D01 every time.
  • ROCKFISH_AndiROCKFISH_Andi Administrator Posts: 1,185
    Hi, sorry to hear that and also sorry that it took us so long to respond - the reason is that we simply don't know what to say / what to do / how to help. The whole Microsoft Store is a black box to us, we don't know what any error message means etc. - we simply submit the game/dlc to Microsoft and do some setup stuff in their backend - it is then tested/verified by Microsoft (so it seems to generally work). I hate to say this but all I can recommend is to try to contact Microsoft support, because the problem may very well be related to the way their store handles DLC download and installation, and they might also make some sense of the error code.
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