VR + Controller (Steam Controller) not working.

Some background: I bought this game to play in VR, I played it in 2D to get a feel for it and to set up the controls first. I got my steam controller working pretty well, I set the controller up as an Xbox controller, no non-controller buttons at all. I had found a problem with mixing controller and non-controller buttons in that it would cause multiple inputs to be registered. Anyway it was working fine.

Problem: When I go to play in VR the game will work fine for a period of time, usually an amount of seconds, so far up to a minute, before my controller's input stops working. At this point it seems my controller is focused somewhere else, I get the noises of moving through the steam menu and nothing I try on it will bring it back to controlling the game. When this happens the KB+M inputs work for the game still.

Question: What is going on, why won't the game respond to controller inputs after a while in VR when it works perfectly in 2d? How can I fix this?!

Other info: I have VR look to aim turned off, looking around should be purely aesthetic and have no functional control over the game.


  • Hello,
    Thanks for your report. We couldn't seem to reproduce the issue on our end - could you try the recommended VR controller configuration from the Steam community, and see if that one works? Also make sure that "use touchpad to move crosshair" is switched off in the controller options in Everspace.
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