How to use Shield ST right? Or should it be changed?

cAndyMancAndyMan Member Posts: 20
I really want to play with Shield ST but I don‘t get it to work right it seems.
I get shot, I have to recover for a long time. Shield goes down, I have to go idle even for a longer time. I can do the same thing with a normal shield (mk2, mk3) but it’s much more effective. It goes down earlier (less hitpoints) but recovers faster and sometimes even in combat. All in all I can fight much longer with shield XC or normal shield than with the ST Version. If you don‘t know how to evade you are fu**ed with every shield, you can‘t facetank in this game (except with frontshield generator active).

Maybe I get it wrong but the ST version is in no case preferable over the normal version for me and it has even more energy costs.

It is restricted to the sentinel which is one of the weakest (if not the weakest) ships for me. (Faster hack is a nice feature but nothing compared to a fast ship, cloak, high damage limitation or more primary and secondary weapons). So in my opinion Shield ST could be a killer feature on the Sentinel. And I speak of hardcore mode, by the way where you don‘t start with all perks maxed out and have to decide to really take the fast hack or 4 mod-slots features (which I don‘t prefer) or buy credit heavy energy perks and more module perks, to get the Sentinel working.

Maybe it can have more health energy (400 - 800 from stock to mk3) or something like it is fully recharged after the shutdown duration when it got shutdown. Or get a much smaller recharge time after you got shot (1s or less, the recharge rate should then just stay slow, to be fair) or a combination of these.

Or maybe I am just not creative enough to use it right. So let me know. :)


  • PedalToTheMetalPedalToTheMetal Member Posts: 137
    In fact you seem to miss the whole idea of the Sentinel class itself (it is normal, no worries ;) ).
    The idea behind the non-DLC ships is somewhat straightforward: the Scout lives because of it's evasive abilities so should a massive problem come you can just go hit-and-run (thus while loading one out you'd better first consider the evasive devices like teleporter or boost), the Gunship can't really escape things, but usually has enough toughness and firepower to fight them off (so one's weapons as well as some defensive tools are your primary needs) - and the Interceptor is somewhere in between so should be loaded the way you feel to suit you better (you can shift it towards more defense, more agility or more damage output - and by the later sectors you aim to be capable of both some massive demolition and yet the ability to break off for some breathing room, the three weapon slots are there for you to have the tools for the most of your needs, both close- and long-distance strikes they are).
    And the Sentinel drops out of this family. You are very limited on the weapon choice, can't really neither evade nor take much beating - yet, just like one's description tells, you can (and should) use various tools and devices to, instead of adapting for a given situation, adapt the situation for your advantage. That is, the Sentinel's weapon is not there to shoot enemies - it is there to finish off those that were first crippled by your other devices and missiles while you fire off the Weapon Overdrive or something (thanks a bottomless energy capacity). An attempt of some RPG-ish gameplay that is (which I'm not really good at TBH, thus preferring Scout or Interceptor for the more classic style). And - yes - the ST shield is there for you to get close enough to cripple everyone without getting hull damage.
  • cAndyMancAndyMan Member Posts: 20
    Nice to see that you are also very active here and we can start a discussion. 😉

    I know the Idea of the sentinel and tried emp, energy discharger, static discharger to go in and blast them away, but the damage output wasn't enough and I also get in trouble with shield ST. A third secondary weapon slot could also help here or I have to go without an arc-9000 at hand. So I ended up with teleport mk3, energy diverter, shock rifle (with fire rate upgrades) and a normal shield (shield st also didn't work here because of the long time it takes to recharge). I just teleport me about 4km away from every enemy, hit them from far away and get far away again when they come close. No energy problems, no trouble and you don't need 6 device slots but becomes a little bit boring in the long run (like all sniper builds I think, but it's an easy way to victory).

    Back to the ST shield, you just have these 270 hp (on mk3), maybe a little bit more with upgrades and when it's gone it needs too much time to rebuild and okkars are coming fast in hardcore mode. I will make further tries and then it "click" maybe but at the moment I don't get it. Espacially because I would even prefer the gunship to tank damage than a sentinel with shield ST.

    The question is in which situation do you get 270 damage at once and then nothing for about 50 seconds? I only can think of playing minesweeper. Later corvettes have these big energy -BEEP- which can do a lot of damage but after they hit you, you can't stop them from shooting any further.
    Go in and blast with emp and the other stuff also works with normal shield. Even better with it because it recharges during the fire pause and leaves more free energy to use.

    My main problem is not: I can't win with shield ST (but ofc it's a problem for me). I'm really looking for the build that takes the ST Version over the normal or XC Version (here for example I know when I want to go normal or XC).

    Sorry for the wall of text, thanks for reading. :)
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