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In my opinion you get not enough crystal most of the time. Espacially but not only in hard mode. It feels ok to be sometimes low on gas or processors but often I just got about 17 crystals after sector 3 and then crystal sources appear even more seldom. I got something between 2 and 7 crystals per source (3-5 most of the time). Compared to that a plasmafield delivers a sh** ton of plasma.

Nice that the Sentinel can upgrade modules and weapons 4 times but most of the time I don't have enough crystal for that and when my shield generator or peimary weapon gets damaged there are no crystals left to craft something (I am even happy when I can repair the system). Do I have just bad luck or am I not the only one experiencing this?


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    Try spinning by the larger rocks as they are pretty common around 'em, though xtals are pretty rare - but much more common compared to, say, dark matter ;) If unlucky enough to get too few of 'em, there is usually a trader who sells or exchanges those, and never forget freighter wrecks and such. By sector 6 I usually have more than enough crystals for all my needs ;)
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    Hmm, dark matter and dark energy are not a big problem fore me. If I can farm 2 or 3 blackholes and get some lucky drops I have nearly enough of it. All in all the balance feels just right for me for them. I can‘t build everything with it that I want, but I can decide for 2 or 3 major things to take (which is exactly what the game is about).

    I know where to find crystals, I always head for them as fast as I can in each system but sometimes you get much big asteroids in the first few systems and sometimes there are just 3 or 4 until the end of sector 3. Drops from ships are very rare and shipwrecks? If they have 1 or 2 crystals from time to time that’s much (I have more luck with that in lightning clouds). If your primary weapon or shield generator gets damaged and there is no service station within 6 jumps you are really in trouble (repair cost 14 crystals). And if you can repair, forget about mk2 or mk3 upgrades. Some module upgrades needs crystals, too. Maybe they should cost less or more crystals should be dropped.

    In my opinion the game is about decision making. Do I build a new shild? Upgrade the old one? Wait a sector if i can find a better one? Build a new module or better upgrade my weapons?
    If I get 10 crystals after the first 2 sectors and I have to repair a damaged ship system for 12 or 14 crystals there is no much to decide, that‘s a dead end.
    Maybe that problem just exists in hardcore mode? (And I can say that I get everything in the lower sectors and kill every ship until the okkars arrive most of the time).
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    In fact the best way for repairs is either keeping a repair kit, those are even dropped from time to time (hopefully you won't get double system damage as the kit repairs a random one, so repairing, say, inertia dampeners while your life support or sensors are dead gets somewhat pointless) - or relying on the service stations. This also explains the rarity of crystals as it seems that normally you are supposed to make it to a service station instead of doing the field repairs (which are somewhat expensive for that reason - or you would become nearly immortal the other way ;) ).
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    Ok, I had 2 runs with „enough“ crystals today. Maybe I just had bad luck for a few runs in a row. The rng in this game seems to be really strange sometimes. I ended a game (hardcore) where I saw no okkar frigates at all and in another game I had about 5 frigates with jump supressors (the first was in sector 3 I think, where I thought -BEEP- for the first time and 2 were in an area where your system components overheat after a while).
    One time I saw 3 dark nebula systems in a row (what a luck dark nebula is not a big deal for me). And I miss GrayGoos at the moment (I don‘t really miss them but have not seen one for a long time, maybe they don’t exist in hardcore).
    For sector 6 I‘ve chosen „every system has a natural hazard“ over „every system has a jump supressor“. But that didn’t mean that there was not at least one jump supressor in every system plus the hazards i had chosen. :)

    Edit: Why is "oh em gee" censored?
    Edit 2: Ok, it was not -BEEP-, it was "double u, tea, ef", that makes more sense to be censored. :smiley:
    Edit 3: Ok, "oh em gee" seems to be censored, too.
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    TBH to me the RNG feels ok as it somewhat makes things pretty much lifelike here. As for the Oscar-Mike-Golf vs Whisky-Tango-Foxtrot - no idea, guess the thing either somewhat hates "l33tsp34k", or one's author expected an 'F' somewhere in the first option ;)
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    Yeah, the RNG IS really nice here all in all. I just wanted to highlight, that it don‘t seems to be pretty random at some points. If every system is random created it’s very unlikely to get 3 dark nebulas or 5 jump supressors in a row. I even think that the whole event (so much stuff in a row or very few crystals for the whole run) is random created.
    By the way I had 2 systems with GrayGoos in a row (and before that 3 days without Goos).

    Yeah, censorship is a b1t** sometimes. In C&C Generals salami was censored for no reason in my opinion (or I don’t get it as a german guy).
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    Well, the (P)RNGs are a very tough and long topic in fact. Theoretically speaking, nothing excludes getting 5 random events in a row (especially if they have a pretty high triggering probability), also, unfortunately, a consumer-grade system doesn't necessarily even have such a feature as a random number generator (there is some hardware for this task on the most CPUs nowadays, yet it is extremely slow to be widely used in real-time applications).
    [OT] No idea, salami is a pretty good sausage to me. Not my top-favorite one though, yet still a tasty one. Probably the admin wasn't sharing this point of view, however :) To be honest, I somewhat dislike those automated censorship features - there is always a way to either bypass them anyway, or just keep insulting people without the F-bomb usage. So nothing beats the old rusty banhammer ;)
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