can I recover a corrupted save?

I am playing on a PS4 Pro running version 1.320. I played the game for many hours since purchasing it last month and updated it as required. I then purchased the Encounters DLC and played with the new ship for many more hours upgrading it significantly. Two days ago I loaded the game, but was stopped by a corrupted save warning. I cancelled the game from the PS4 menu at that point and tried to reload, but encountered the error again. I restarted the machine and loaded, but encountered the error again. The game now loads to the main screen, but there is no continue option. I can only begin a New Game or new Hardcore Run.
Is there any way to recover my saved game? My machine is always online, but I am not member of Playstation Plus and probably do not have cloud saving.
Thank you for your attention to this matter. I look forward to hearing back from you at your earliest convenience.


  • Hello there,
    I'm sorry to tell you that AFAIK, if you don't have PS Plus and the savegame in the cloud, it can't be retrieved anymore. This probably resulted from a crash or unexpected termination of the game, do you know if anything like that happened and in what situation that was? Also, are you playing with 4K or 1080p resolution? We're sorry you had this experience, and we'll do our best to get rid of the causes of savegame corruption in the future.
  • golem64golem64 Member Posts: 2
    Thank you for your quick response. I paused the game when someone dropped by and the PS4 went to sleep. I brought it out of sleep later and continued to play, but that might have been the cause. I am playing in 4K.
    Please continue to work on this issue. You have created an excellent game. I never thought I would spend much time playing a rogue-like. However, your progression system is so brilliant and addictive that I keep coming back to it.
  • Thanks for the details, we'll definitely have a look at it!
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