Crashed after first jump

Been looking through the forums and apparently this bug has been around for over 2 years after Rockfish said they'd look into fixing it. Think you might want to make your customers happy so they keep buying your products, maybe?


  • PedalToTheMetalPedalToTheMetal Member Posts: 149
    No need to sound offensive as, first, this is an issue triggered in the engine itself so you'd better be asking Epic on this one, and, second, this seems to be a problem with your very own system as the game is pretty demanding in fact, and any system-originated problems will be much more visible while running it. Say, on my own system which already made it through a few modifications, I never had a single crash running Everspace, needless to say I run it fully maxed-out (used to run slightly below that before the GPU swap). Same with the PC I built for my wife running Ark (which shares the same engine and is known to suffer the same problems therefore - it had a few very rare crashes due to the buggy game logic, especially as she runs it heavily modded, yet those have distinct causes and never actually led to the crash message about device being lost nor any other problems in the graphics subsystem). Although I never managed to replicate the problem, I'm pretty sure the origin hides in the faulty drivers, a messed Windows update, insufficient RAM (or VRAM), a malfunctioning PSU (UE4 tends to cause your GPU reach for the higher clocks then with a low-end crossplatform game, thus the TDP easily reaches the top, and the ripple from a worn-down capacitor will be the highest as well), some buggy additional software running at background or improperly configured hard drive shutdown.
    As with this said, at least be polite while asking people to solve what seems to be a problem on your end, - and do not speak for everyone as, like I stated, the most people, those using properly configured and built PCs that is, have absolutely no problems running the game. And at least post your system specs.
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