[Suggestion] Addressing Dark Nebula screen flashes

AfebrileAfebrile Member Posts: 2
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As someone with some light sensitivity, encountering this map-type pretty much ends my run. The constant screen-wide flashes while trying to navigate a blacked-out map for the warp-jammer is just too much, and leaves me feeling disorientated for some time afterwards whenever I attempt it.

Could we please get some type of a solution to this? An option to disable them, way to detect and avoid the map, or just an outright removal of the flashes?


  • ROCKFISH_HCKROCKFISH_HCK Moderator Posts: 579
    Hi! Since we haven't had any complains about the screen flashes until now we cannot afford to make that an option or add additional indicators just for one person. Since the dark nebula locations are fairly uncommon I suggest you leave them immediately if you encounter one. Better have a jump stabilizer ready if you ever fly into a dark nebula location with a jump suppressor.
    I'm sorry, but we will keep the problem in mind if we ever try to do something similar in a new game.
  • PedalToTheMetalPedalToTheMetal Member Posts: 149
    To be honest they are somewhat a true eye-hitter should you play with indoor lighting off. Not that it is really bad (to me it feels absolutely right to have such an immersive hazard sector: though it may feel somewhat a pain it isn't much different from many real-life situations, especially should you frequently drive in the dark). Unfortunately there is no way to make anything that would clearly fit the light sensitive people, say my wife can not play anything that has muzzle flashes and somewhat darker environments, thus no spacesims, no DooM, no slashers (as they feature a lot of flashing effects) and no 6DOFs in general. So far I figured toning down the lens effects seems to somewhat trick the perception and reduce the problem (as much of the light sensitivity is actually a psychological thing), also contrast adjustment and a proper room lighting level are some good steps. Unfortunately implementing at least the image-side part of this means making a secondary design option for the whole game as, say, some would simply accept the missing flashing sectors, yet some would require much more tweaking to feel comfortable.
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    Thanks for the response. I've been choosing planet routes with the least amount of environmental hazards which has helped. I've also considered carrying around a jump stabilizer, but they seem to be pretty rare, and crafting them isn't easy either, requiring the blueprint and expensive materials.

    I understand not wanting to go to lengths to address this. If you ever change your mind I'm sure there are some lower cost solutions, such as increasing the accessibility of jump stabilizers.

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