[BUG] UI & Input: Windows 10 - XB1 S Wireless Controller - Input Configuration


I just started fiddling around with Everspace on my Tablet - and I am currently unable to reconfigure a Xbox One S Wireless Controller using the in-game menu.

Microsoft Store Version
Publisher : CN=6F5AE8BB-A514-4B95-845B-ACF4D4EB795A
Architecture : X64
ResourceId :
Version :
PackageFullName : ROCKFISHGames.EVERSPACE_1.2.10.2_x64__wm11qtfe9fmzj
InstallLocation : C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\ROCKFISHGames.EVERSPACE_1.2.10.2_x64__wm11qtfe9fmzj
IsFramework : False
PackageFamilyName : ROCKFISHGames.EVERSPACE_wm11qtfe9fmzj
PublisherId : wm11qtfe9fmzj
IsResourcePackage : False
IsBundle : False
IsDevelopmentMode : False
NonRemovable : False
Dependencies : {ROCKFISHGames.EverspaceDLC1_1.2.4.2_neutral__wm11qtfe9fmzj,Microsoft.VCLibs.140.00_14.0.26706.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe}
IsPartiallyStaged : False
SignatureKind : Store
Status : Ok

Driver : xinputhid.inf
OriginalFileName : C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\xinputhid.inf_amd64_61a6115682b93519\xinputhid.inf
Inbox : False
ClassName : HIDClass
ClassDescription : Human Interface Devices
ClassGuid : {745A17A0-74D3-11D0-B6FE-00A0C90F57DA}
BootCritical : True
ProviderName : Microsoft
Date : 14/09/2018 00:00:00
Version : 10.0.17763.1
ManufacturerName : Microsoft
HardwareDescription : Bluetooth XINPUT compatible input device
Architecture : x64
HardwareId : BTHENUM\{00001124-0000-1000-8000-00805f9b34fb}_VID&0002045e_PID&02e0
ServiceName : HidBth
CompatibleIds :
ExcludeIds ::

I briefly read that this game is using the Unreal Engine? If so, it's possible to create a drop-down selection of the XINPUT variables.
I did this for a project where a group of us were mapping PS DS4 DS3, XB360, XB1, Wii, input and force feedback values for UE4, and Unity.
The menu doesn't need to wait for input - but the user can just set the Button Value to a known XINPUT Value/Axis/Enum - really however you want to name it.

The problem I'm seeing is that All 3 Columns for Input Configuration are being selected when Keyboard/Mouse and Controller is detected.

If the input polling is detecting a DirectInput or Non-XINPUT value - it may not register a valid key - and as a result no key is bound. Setting the Controller variables from a drop down list eliminates this.

If it is already possible to map the XB1 controller without issues - then there could be a an issue with Windows Pen/Touch and UE Input.
I am currently on my Tablet, but I will test on my main Notebook when I get home.

EDIT: I just did a quick test when taking the screenshot - the Cursor begins to flicker as soon as the UE receives XINPUT.
So My hunch is probably what's happening - as this is what we observed when we did the tests.
Game gets confused for the fraction of a second KB/Mouse input is detected, and XINPUT is returning values to the input manager.

This screenshot does not display the cursor - however - XINPUT is currently not able to move it's current frame of focus from 'Apply' 'Back' 'Restore to Default' frame, to the main frame - so mouse click is required to select the box. Which will give the error - because last detected input was not XINPUT. (Or something like that)

I was about to record - and realised Windows Game Bar cannot 'Record' Everspace. "Game does not allow recording"
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