Xbox Patch 1.3.3

ROCKFISH_MichaelROCKFISH_Michael Posts: 373Administrator
Caching up with other plaforms, we've just released a new patch on Xbox, too.

Here's the changelog:

New Features
  • Added special "retro graphics" option that is unlocked after finishing a hardcore mode run
  • Encounters: Nerfed Engine Booster MK2 and MK3 efficiency
  • Increased camera range in action freeze
  • Fixed Splitter glyph additional projectiles not homing in on targets anymore
  • Fixed blueprint drop probability for higher tiers being too low if no more tier one blueprints are available
  • Potential fix for Okkar Corvettes and Outlaw Drone Carriers occasionally bouncing away when destroyed
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to accidentally overwrite normal mode perks with hardcore mode perks
  • Fixed Grey Goo damaging player from greater distance if player has a tractor beam installed
  • Fixed hardcore mode "Anti Consumerism" handicap carrying over from sector 6 to sector 7
  • Fixed that the "Unarmed" challenge could be exploited by using Headstart enhancement
  • Fixed that the gamepad icons for aiming weren't displayed in the tutorial
  • Fixed using cloak while in cockpit view hiding clouds, plasma fields and holograms.
  • Fixed destroying an Ancient Splitter or Ancient Warden not counting as a player kill
  • Fixed destroying objects like flood lights counting as kill for Berserker glyph,
  • Fixed Colonial Station turrets occasionally being able to shoot through walls
  • Fixed Beeline subroutine also affecting NPCs targeting NPCs
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