"Frame Stuttering" in Oculus Rift after Salvage menu; never stops even after the game is closed.

I have been playing Everspace for a few days and decided I was ready for trying it in the Oculus. I have the 'the main menu starts way in the bottom left corner' problem I see a lot of people having, but I also experienced a weird bug. The game seemed to have a strange, discomforting sensation to it that is like having your vision stutter rapidly back and forth just a few millimeters, but only when you are turning your head. Almost looks like you're using a jackhammer. The game runs fine as long as I keep my head perfectly still, but the head tracking causes this effect. What is really strange is that even after quitting the game, my entire oculus rift experience including home and everything else also experienced the same stuttering until the software was restarted; the bug seemed to live on past the game. I've never had this type of issue. I rebooted my computer and tried again, but in Steam mode instead of Oculus, just to see. The game seemed to be behaving until I opened the menu to change or salvage gear when you pick up stuff in space. The stutter came back at that moment and then never left, again staying even after the game was closed.

Running a 980Ti on an Intel processor.


  • Hi there,
    thanks for the report, we will check this out! Are you on the most-up-to-date version of the Oculus App? (Should be visible at the bottom of the settings menu)
  • elsdrag00nelsdrag00n Member Posts: 2
    Thanks. I'm running Oculus App Version I don't have any pending updates, at least?
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