[GOG v.]"Cheshire drones" and such

I have seen drones without gunfire, but a gunfire without a drone... Happened during this run after a drone carrier was destroyed: one of the leftover drones, although it was destroyed as well, kept firing at me (as it sounds pretty crazy, yes, just the bullets kept flying out of thin air, along with a proper sound). It's model was gone, rendering it completely invisible and lacking a collision model as well (so that it couldn't be shot at), though it clearly retained it's AI (as by where the bullets kept coming from I can surely tell it was still actually chasing me). Wasn't much of a trouble, yet I guess a flying invisible immortal coilgun may become a problem in some other case ;) Probably the issue was triggered by it being attacked by a heavy wave of enemies that also caused it to fly somewhat faster.

Another strange thing I saw were a couple of Occar corvettes that, instead of running their proper explosion animation, simply vanished once their hull integrity hit zero (I used a few torpedoes along with an MK1 damage booster, if it helps). A few other corvettes and drone carriers exploded as expected though.


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    Good news: Both of these elements have been caught AND addressed. The next patch will correct both of these issues. Thank you for the report!
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