"Action-Freeze" - controlls

Hi Everspace Everyone,

I am new to the Game but i love it,...
and after buying/installing the DLC i'm sort like addicted to the living space.

To be honest, the two main reasons i buyed these game was:
- pretty nice Space optic (seems perfect for awesome Screenshots)
- it's a little bit like the good old "Aquanox"-games, wich i loved so much (ok, everspace is in space, not in the deepwater, but still 3D-movement ; )

OK, why i set these message in "Hardware & System" and name it "Action-Freeze-controlls" ?
It's about one of many things i can't understand.
I like to take Screenshots, therefor i love the option "Action-Freeze" and the possibility to set a key for it ("z").
But everytime i'm switching into these free-cam option ("F"-Button), i'm straggered about the controlls.
--> the mouse-controll is inverted, to fast and the mouse-look is not smooth (feels like rastered)
So it's unnecessary hard to take beautiful screenshots.
Why is there a new controll-setting, why can't it be like in-game (spaceship) movement and is it possible to change it ?

Also, if you try to jump to the next map, the percentage-count is increasing and then switching to the "Action-Freeze" will abort the count and when you change back to the game you can start again at 0%.
This wouldn't be a major-problem, but if you want to escape from the okkar and you are under heavy fire, you maybe have to decide if you want a great screenshot or stay alive.
I don't know if these is a bug ?!?

Do you have the same issues or is it just me ?

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