Controller schemes and controller bindings do not work.

I bought this game a week or so ago, and I love it! A rogue-like space fighter... a perfect mashup of two things I love.

I prefer a controller -- ps4 or xbone. I got it to work easily with the default controller settings, but I wanted to tweak it. I found the controller schemes -- a, b, c, and d. It looked like exactly what I wanted -- a way to switch the left and right stick. The diagram illustrates what it does perfectly. I wanted 'B'. The problem is, the selection doesn't actually do anything.

Ok. maybe it's broken at the moment. I'll go try the custom controller bindings. This was a bit painful... at one point, when I was trying to assign the left stick Y axis, it kept interpretting that as "cancel assignment and move up" in the menu. I deleted GameUserSettings.ini and Input.ini as is frequently recommended. Somehow I got all the bindings set how I wanted, but in the game itself, only about half of the bindings were in effect. I had one axis swapped between the sticks, but the other not, so, for example, one stick would hover and yaw, and the other would pitch and strafe L/R. Even attempting to manually edit the .inis, I could not get this to work.

I tried this with a PS4 controller and an XBOne controller. I gave up and started using keyboard and mouse, and I can see the game is designed for that, but I'm frustrated that neither the control scheme nor the custom bindings lets me customize. This is a beautiful game. I'd love to try it with my HOTAS too, but if I can't even get an XBOne controller to work, HOTAS's are usually even harder.

Is there a fix for these two problems?


  • ROCKFISH_AndiROCKFISH_Andi Administrator Posts: 1,317
    Hi, yes the control schemes are non-functional and they should not even be there. It's a bug that they are present. They accidentallly found their way into the game because we're currently working on a switch version. They are not needed on PC, as you can freely customize.

    I don't quite understand how exactly you liked to map the controls. Could you try to explain again? Did you just want to switch the left and right stick? I can manage to do so in the menu without any problems?
  • b00k3b00k3 Member Posts: 3
    Oh! Too bad. The control schemes would have quickly done exactly what I wanted had they worked.

    Yes. I was trying to switch left and right sticks. When I tried to map them in custom controls, the closest I coul get to this was to have one axis switched, the other did not. In the mappings, they showed up correctly, but in-game one axis did not change.
  • b00k3b00k3 Member Posts: 3
    I tried setting up I tried to set up swapped sticks using the custom controls, and NOT trying the controller schemes at all. It worked this time. Maybe the odd behavior in the custom controls will go away when you remove the controller schemes.
  • ROCKFISH_AndiROCKFISH_Andi Administrator Posts: 1,317
    Hi, glad you managed to get it to work. Yes, the schemes will be removed with the next patch, not sure if they account for the weird behavior though, possibly, but I think they were just completely ignored.
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