How do I know when the tutorial ends ?? Where do I engage "gameplay??"

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OK, I'm a "newbie", but having way too much fun. I started with the tutorial, and frankly, I don't know when it ends. I'm stuck mostly in Sector 1. I've gotten to Sector 2, but I get the -BEEP- beat out of me, and I'm back to Sector 1.
#1 How do I know when the tutorial ends ??
#2 How can I stay in Sector 2 once I've gotten there??

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  • PedalToTheMetalPedalToTheMetal Member Posts: 137
    The tutorial here is very brief, it only tells you to shoot a couple of things and that's it. If I recall it right, it ends with a jump to the next stop - anyway, just never wait for further orders, if they do not come they do not (actually, better never wait for anything in this game as time is not your best friend here ;) ). There are virtually no orders here but optional sidequests anyway, and your main goal is to make it to the end of the line (getting somewhat better equipment in process).
    About staying - that's a no. In fact once you get into a location, there is (rarely not - yet you'll see it when it gets safe) a silent timer that triggers some bad things as it runs out. No, it's not some silly run-n-gun as you actually have plenty of time - just do not consider heavily farming resources or whatever. In fact what is happening if done right is you fighting off the immediate threats, salvaging whatever you see, then cracking up a few boxes or stations you can locate right off, then - if you feel you are up to - try doing a quick sweep for some hidden stuff (do not expect to miss or find something absolutely essential though - everything that is somewhat unique is either dropped by enemies or looted off stations). And finally you jump towards the next stop. Jumping ASAP makes things hard later on as you will be under-equipped and short on money and fuel, also other good stuff. Jumping too late is a really risky thing - so better just keep a common pace, no hurry, no slack.
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    it looks like this is the first rogue-like you've played? Let me try to explain how it works:

    - Every time you leave the hangar you will always start in sector 1 with the same starting equipment and your task is to get to sector 7. Launching from the hangar will start a new "run", as we call it
    - All the locations are procedurally generated, so every time you play the game it will be different
    - After you die, you can buy permanent pilot and ship upgrades in the hangar, so you will become stronger and stronger and will hopefully get to sector 7 at one point
  • MannawarMannawar Member, Customer Posts: 2
    Really terrific of you both to reply! I appreciate the time you took (especially PedalToThe Metal) to guide me, and give me some GREAT information. This game is absolutely wild, and I love it! Hopefully, some day, I'll get past Sector 2 :)))) In the meantime, I learn something new each time I play.
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