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So I'm an instantaneous fan since getting Everspace for my father to play this morning on PS4. But I really see a few things that feel flawed in this version. Mind, I haven't spent that long with it, but a few points feel very rough. 1. I can't see how to unlock from a target. 2. The blips that are meant to guide the player's eyes toward objects are at times hard to see. I understand they themselves are meant to highlight objects against the chaotic background of space, but the highlights themselves in this case need highlighting. Please pardon my pretentiousness, I really do enjoy this game and hope to give useful feedback.

These blips were not well addressed in the tutorial either, but I just know I am about to be explaining to my 65 year old father what the little blue places on his screen are for.

Changing these blips in Settings would be very helpful. Such as making them larger, or maybe animating them to some extent so they draw the eye better, or changing the color sets to be more visible.

Something else that kind of puzzles me, why is there no control option to allow Forward thrust using R2 and Backward thrust using L2? It was the very first option I expected to see in the control menu. I do find C perfectly functional, but I think it's still less intuitive.

For these points, feel free to correct me if I am mistaken as I very well may be.

Space is very disorienting. And I understand that's a part of the package. But I do want to suggest an influence for a radar type display.

Armored Core 4 and For Answer have a pretty unique take on a Radar system. With a line and symbols (Color coded according to faction) used to display enemy positions relative to the player along the X Y Z Axises.

I don't know if maybe a later upgrade enables a radar that improves this? But something like this would make spotting enemies a lot easier.

It might look like a player is the center of a globe. With enemies and items marked roughly around the player. So I could for instance see the location and relative distance of pursuing vessels.

As the Computer clearly spots them in canon, and it's odd that such a display wouldn't be present on the Hud at least within Cockpit view by default.


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    Hello and thank you for your feedback.

    1. You are right, there is no option to unlock a target on the PS4. On the PC we had it bound to the same button as locking a target, just holding it to unlock. When using the gamepad you roll when doing that so that feature does not exist when using a gamepad (on consoles).
    2. Yes, the HUD markers are sometimes hard to read, especially for items (blue markers) in sector 1 which is mostly blue. We may change that at some time but since we consider the development of this game as finished we would have to see if changing that or implementing an option to change it manually is feasible.
    3. Gamepad controls: We added some control schemes that most people are happy with but didn't add the one you are talking about (Using R2 and L2 to go foward / backward) because in almost all games, shooting is done with R2.
    4. We had a lot of talking about whether or not adding a radar display to the game but in the end we didn't do it because we thought that the HUD markers are all you need and that almost all of the time you are chasing HUD markers, not radar blips. If this was a simulation where you move more slowly this would be something else. But right now we are glad that there is a lot of free space on the screen, not obstructed by displays.

    Though we will most likely not fix most of the issues in the current game we will take all this points into consideration when working on a new game. So thanks again for the feedback.
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    Much love and thank you for giving me such a detailed response. Whatever your next project is, be sure to tell me so I can follow the development! It's such a dizzyingly complicated series of decisions, yet it can turn out these magnificent gems.

    (Case in point, between the time I posted this and the current moment, I would be shocked if I haven't spent ten full hours trying and retrying on Everspace.)

    I'm especially enamored with the faction elements and the systemic tricks one can do by manipulating an enemy into unwittingly assisting the player. These allegiances add a tasty layer of synthetic life to each scenario.
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    By the way! I've been messing with gamepad controls in a 6DOF (yeah, that Tunnel thingie I posted an old video of a while ago and still keep writing and updating for no actual reason :) ) and came up with an interesting conclusion: instead of smoothing whatsoever you can calculate your stick's normalized direction vector and it's scalar length (like you normally do to implement the deadzone anyway), but between subtracting the deadzone radius and re-multiplying the vector by one's 'new' length apply some sensitivity function (a simple F=R*R is already a nice gain function, that is). What happens is, now your stick sensitivity depends on how much you tilt it, allowing for both sharp turns at higher stick angles and precise aiming while tilting your stick slightly (and smoothing out the deadzone border as a bonus). Therefore it somewhat kills off the common problem of finding a sweet spot in sensitivity between turn rate and precision.
    As opposed to applying curves per-axis, it also leaves the direction vector itself intact.
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