PS4 controller deadzone is HUGE

Hi Rockfish,

I'm kinda surprised that I have not found a thread on this topic here yet so I guess I'll start:

PLEASE add a controller deadzone slider to the PS4 (or console in general) version. A game that is THIS much focused on precise gunnery and fast combat needs to be as responsive as possible yet my right thumbstick has to travel 2.5 mm BEFORE THE MOVEMENT IS EVEN REGISTERED.

I'm sorry but this totally ruins the game.

I searched for a solution but to no avail, please if there is any, point me in the right direction since as of now this shooter is completely unplayable.

I really wanna love this game, please help!

Best regards


  • ROCKFISH_AndiROCKFISH_Andi Administrator Posts: 1,317
    Hi, how does it feel for you if you set the sensitivity to 1.0? We are doing some input smoothing/filtering which might feel like a deadzone (it is actually more like a little lag so the inputs aren't too direct to avoid overshooting etc.), especially when having a lower sensitivity.
  • sulocosuloco Member Posts: 2
    Hi, thanks for response, sadly it's the same case. I slowly inch the thumbstick away from the center and wait for the game to respond. It starts to respond at cca 2,5 mm and even the first response is quite harsh. Its basically impossible for you to keep a lead on your target at mid-to-long range.

    I have since gotten a bit more used to it but it gets very annoying when trying for example to precission-snipe with Shock Rifle.

    Can you see this improving in the near future? I find the controller to be almost perfect way to handle this game.

    Anyway the game is awesome but it's a shooter so I'd love for it to be at least as responsive as average FPS on the console.
  • Joe_EverspJoe_Eversp Member Posts: 2
    edited December 2020
    Same here on XBOX One.

    The dead zone is really terrible. I don't understand why so many games don't allow changing it. This is basic ergonomics that a dead zone make control much much worse. OK, you might get drift but this decision should be the user's one.

    Why is it such a problem to add some control options? I think, it is < 0.001 % of developement time of a game!

    This totally breaks the game!

    @DEVS: Have you ever played it on console?
  • ROCKFISH_AndiROCKFISH_Andi Administrator Posts: 1,317
    @Joe_Eversp I'm guessing your question is a rhetorical one, but I'll answer it anyway. I've played for more than 100 hours with gamepad on PC/Xbox/PS4 and collected the platinum trophy on PS4 (no cheats). While I agree that such an option would be nice, we really have not heard it being requested often. Also, resubmitting/rebuilding the whole thing would take a lot of time, especially since noone touched the ps4 or xbox source code in years and we'd have to go through a lengthy verification process with Microsoft - so, sorry, not happening
  • Joe_EverspJoe_Eversp Member Posts: 2
    Sorry if I sounded a little bit harsh. I worked for quite a long time in interface design and assessment.I am so often sad about how basic ergonomic principles are not taken into account. This knowledge is arround for several decades. Since I am still working I only play short sessions. It's annoying to get accustomed to the control scheme. You also should consider that this could people scare of your games and it's an easy win with little effort.
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