PS4 Patch 1.06 (Americas) / 1.05 (Rest of the world)

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We've just released a new patch on PS4. The version numbers are different, but the contents are the same.

Here's the list of changes:
  • optimized the performance of projectiles, speeding up combat
  • fixed several savegame issues related to player death and the hardcore run
  • fixed a rare crash when random secondary weapon slot is cleared due to selected hardcore mode handicap
  • fixed a rare issue where savegames could get corrupted if the game crashed during a location change
  • fixed game hanging when dying during low fuel jump
  • fixed spawning issues with jump suppressors, including a rare crash
  • fixed the selection of next/previous ship buttons in perk screen
  • fixed some minor issues regarding autoaiming
  • fixed some minor sound issues
  • fixed a rare time extender speedup glitch
  • fixed some issues with POI streaming
  • fixed receiving double credits when dying while jumpgate jump is triggered
  • Encounters: fixed a crash that could occur when repeatedly installing and uninstalling device mods
  • Encounters: fixed that Karlie mission 4 could still be triggered even if she jumped away due to G&B being hostile
  • Encounters: fixed bug in Tareen mission where items would get lost when transferring zero amounts
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