Patches 1.3.2 & 1.3.1 (Win, OS X) - Changelogs

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Well, it turns out that along with one of the the fixes of the latest patch (1.3.1) we created a much more serious bug (game hangs when dying during a jump with not enough fuel) which is why we've been forced to quickly patch the patch...

While we were at it we also managed to squeeze in a few more other fixes:

  • Fixed game hanging when dying during a jump with not enough fuel
  • Fixed a possible crash in release version when random secondary weapon slot is cleared due to selected hardcore mode handicap
  • Fixed checkbox click sound and factory repair sound not being affected by sfx volume
  • Fixed that when starting a new hardcore mode run before ever starting a normal run, quit to the main menu and then started the first normal run the hardcore run save was overwritten with incorrect data


We've just released a small patch for Win and OS X on GOG and Steam adding missing installation prerequisites for Windows and fixing a few smaller bugs.

Here's the complete list of changes:

  • Controller sensitivity is now also applied when input smoothing is switched off
  • Improved target locking and auto-aiming behavior
  • Windows: Fixed missing installation prerequisites
  • Fixed being able to navigate to and select next/previous ship buttons with controller in perk screen
  • Fixed a very rare bug where jump suppressors could be spawned inside level geometry
  • Fixed weird bug while dying right before jump gate jump was triggered
  • Fixed "Denied" sound being played when using Drone Disassembler on G&B Mining Drones
  • Good chance to have fixed rare Time Extender "speed-up" glitch
  • Fixed that you couldn't use free-look when not using headtracking
  • Encounters: Fixed bug in Tareen mission where items would get lost when transferring amounts of zero
  • Encounters: Fixed that one of Karlie's missions could still be triggered even if she jumped away due to G&B being hostile
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