[PC]GOG v1.3.0.36069 one-hit mining problem

Whenever a resource (an asteroid, a crystal or anything) is mined using a powerful area weapon (an upgraded flak or a DLC Neutron Cannon) which causes it to be completely destroyed in a single hit, a short lag spike happens every time (do not recall it happening before). Afterwards, the resource marker may remain like if you didn't fully mine the resource, now marking an empty spot.


  • ROCKFISH_AndiROCKFISH_Andi Administrator Posts: 1,157
    Hi, both problems (performance and remaining marker) have been with us pretty much since the beginning.The only thing we could do regarding performance would be to reduce how nice the mineable objects look and the amount of fractures, but we don't want to to this, as it's jus a minor annoyance for some. The other problem we can't think of a solution, because we only get one "component fracture" event from Unreal if the whole destructible is destroyed in one shot and we don't get any kind of "fully destroyed" event.
  • PedalToTheMetalPedalToTheMetal Member Posts: 149
    Thanks! In fact I never cared about the stuttering as it never causes anything critical anyway (that's why I couldn't remember if it was there before) - yet this is the first time I saw it leaving those markers behind. I don't really care about this either and thanks for keeping the game as bug-free as the engine allows (good timing as well, the most of the bugs you state as "fixed" I never managed to see - really nice compared to how nowadays nobody usually fixes a bug until it has been reported by like a thousand of people).

    Also to not spam the new threads - what is the Time Extender actually supposed to do? From what I can tell the hacking rate isn't affected although as explained by HIVE it should simply boost your perception, therefore the hacking rate should probably be reduced to remain in sync with the rest of the world... Is it a mistake, or is it supposed to be like that?
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