Fantastic game!

I have this on PS4. I was worried about the controls, but after flying around for a while with controller layout C, it's a real joy to play!

Each ship handles differently, and it really shows the work put into this. I'm very happy I bought this game with the expansion. I'm amazed at the efficiency in the game. It looks, feels, and even loads incredibly smoothly.

Really thank you for such a great game. It is exactly what i was looking for!


  • ROCKFISH_HCKROCKFISH_HCK Posts: 562Moderator
    Thanks! Have fun!
  • RAND0M7RAND0M7 Posts: 5Member
    x2 Got this when on sale, great game.

    If it had a multiplayer/coop and mods (more and massive ships), it would be the best game in it's genre I think. :)

    Runs so well too, unlike most of the garbage released these days full of bugs and performance issues.

    Well done ROCKFISH :)
  • Amumu00Amumu00 Posts: 1Member
    PS4 has an android version, I downloaded it at apknite
  • tyllelly23tyllelly23 Posts: 6Member
    I see the game or. it's better than the game I play at mobidescagar
  • biggunsgob00mbiggunsgob00m Posts: 1Member
    I agree! I downloaded it on xbox one out of curiosity and have become a massive fan. It kind of reminds me of Wing Commander: Privateer. I've just signed up as a kickstarter, i love the idea of an open world story driven version!

    Let's make it happen!
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