Everspace Encounters Won't Launch (Mac OS X, GOG)

I purchased Everspace for OS X from GOG.com. It's been running fine--until I bought and tried to install Everspace Encounters using GOG Galaxy. Now it gets to the full-window "Everspace" load screen and crashes back to the Finder at the end. When I log into OS X using a clean, test account, the game launches fine. This makes me think something in a config file was messed up by GOG. I found and deleted the files in /Library/Application Support/Epic/Unreal Engine/4.16, but that didn't seem to do anything. Welcome any other thoughts. The folks at GOG don't have any ideas and referred me to you.

(Also, if I install an older version of the game, say 1.1.3, that seems to work on my main account--but of course then I can't launch Encounters!)

I see there are crash logs in /Library/Application Support/Epic/Unreal Engine/4.16 and attached a Zip of them.

OS X is High Sierra 10.13.3. Everspace version is 1.2.234636. My full ticket to GOG and their response is below.

Many thanks for your help.

GOG.com ticket:

I have Everspace 1.2.234636 installed for Mac. It was installed from the standalone installer and was working fine. I purchased Everspace Encounters, and, not seeing a standalone download, tried to install it using GOG Galaxy. GOG Galaxy then reinstalled the main Everspace application and tried (I think) to install Encounters, but now the game won't run--it gets to the "Everspace" loading screen and then crashes back to Finder.

I used GOG Galaxy to uninstall the app and then reinstalled from the standalone installer, but I get the same problem. I also logged into OS X using a test account, and Everspace launched fine. This makes me think one of the hidden preference files may have been corrupted. Where can I find those files so I can try deleting them? I don't want to delete my save games, just anything else that might be causing the problem.


I've searched for the location of the configuration files, but was unable to locate them.
I can only suggest contacting the official support for the game. They should know where these files are.
[email protected]
I apologize for the inconvenience.
GOG.com Support


  • ROCKFISH_AndiROCKFISH_Andi Posts: 1,033Moderator
    Hi, sorry for getting back so late - this one must have slipped through.

    The config files location on Mac is /Library/Preferences/RSG/MacNoEditor.

    I suggest you delete this directory, and completely remove Everspace from disk (maybe make a backup copy of your save games located at /Library/Application Support/Epic/RSG/Saved/SaveGames) and then re-install the latest version (which should be 1.3.0.XXXXX now).

    Hope that helps!
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