can't install everspace on my pc

mihacormihacor Posts: 1Member
Bought it today on Microsoft store, works just fine on xbox but when trying to install it to my pc, as it's advertised as a xbox play anywhere game, can't do it; as I launch "play this game on pc" from Windows store where it states I own it, a window of Windows store opens and nothing happens: more, when trying to search the everspace game in my Windows store app, it's finding no trace of this game; how to install the game on pc? thx in advance


  • ROCKFISH_SvenROCKFISH_Sven Posts: 93Moderator
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    Hi mihacor!

    Installing the Windows Store version of the game can only be done via the Microsoft Store app. Usually before you can see a button "Play" there should be a button "Install". First of all of course you have to see the actual game's store page. The only explanation I can currently think of is you are using Windows 8.1 or lower (The Windows Store version of the game only works with Windows 10, opposed to the Steam or GOG Version, which works down to Windows 7) and the store app is filtering out incompatible games.

    • When you say you have a button (or link?) labeled "play this game on pc", are you using the Microsoft Store app or the Microsoft Store website?
    • Which windows version are you using?
    • What exactly do you see in the Microsoft Store app window where "nothing happens"?
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