HUD scaling (or at least an option for bigger resource symbols)?

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Hi. I'm running EVERSPACE on a 26-inch widescreen display at 1080p. While the jump beacon icon is big and bold enough to see, the resource/point of interests markers are just too -BEEP- fiddly and tiny. I'd love to see some kind of option to make them bigger or stand out more. The rest of the HUD is okay as-is, but having to squint to see those tiny icons makes this game much harder for me to play than it has any right to be.

...and before someone comes along and says it: Yes, I am in fact visually impaired. No, glasses don't help. And since when is that a reason not to try and make a game as inclusive as possible?


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    Strange, myself I have no issues with this one - 23'' here (1080 as well, of course), got -2~-3 on both eyes and no glasses ever (perfect for PCB inspection without any instrumental aid :P , also glasses make me feel somewhat glitchy anyway, especially while driving so I don't even have 'em - WARNING this is not an advice and it is dangerous and all yet myself I prefer having less time to react - I've beaten ES on Hardcore and drive stuff for quite a while now so find it still more then sufficient - to having blind area where the peripheral vision used to be and risking infecting my eyes due to contact lenses, again, it may or may not be good for you). Can tell however that when I was younger I already had trouble seeing stuff on large (40''+) screens so I never used anything larger then 23'' as it is distance that solely matters. Thus you can try smaller screens to see if placing those closer to you helps - as if it will, it will also solve much more then this particular problem. If you have a laptop you can use it for this particular experiment.
    Adding even a small feature is much testing and tweaking behind it, so I wouldn't push hard on the devs to implement everything that could help - I prefer having Everspace released without some things I would find handy to having Everpatch still in the alpha just because this or that still can be improved :)
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    Hey BFBeast666,

    have you tried the "Colorblind Mode"? The resource HUD marker is not bigger, but has a pink color instead of blue, which might help especially in the first sector where the background is blue, too.
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    please dont, markers and icons are minimalistic, do not inflate hud, you can explore with your eyes, no hunt for markers and icons.. sry man, i am happy you dont play on cell (55'/4K CB here) ;), but i understand.. good will be customisable hud scaling & dualshock remap, roll control is horrible (especially on B scheme)
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