Game in VR?

Hello everyone, :)
I just bought Everspace on GOG.
I wanted to know how to go VR because I have the sound but not the image in my Oculus. :'(


  • The GOG VR version currently has to be configured manually. This is how you can start VR mode with the GOG installation:
    - Go to the installation folder of the game, then into RSG/Binaries/Win64
    - Right-click on RSG-Win64-Shipping.exe and create a shortcut of it
    - Right-click on the shortcut and select Properties
    - In the Destination input field, after the path to the .exe, add a blank space and -vr, then confirm
    The shortcut should start the game in VR mode then!
  • lipylipy Member Posts: 3
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    A thousand excuses for the delay but thank you for the answer. :)
    I had not received a response notification to my post in my mailbox. :|
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