Outlaw turret rotation animation glitch (and unfair advantage for the turret too)

Sergio0694Sergio0694 Posts: 15Member
Hello, I've noticed a small glitch with the animation for the outlaw turrets, specifically the one they use to rotate and aim at the player.

If you fly behind where they're currently aiming, while they've already noticed you, sometimes they'll start shooting at you before they've actually turned to be able to look at the player's ship. As a result, you end up seeing their lasers starting from the opposite side of the turret, with their cannons still pointing in another direction.
Here's a terrible sketch I made to better illustrate the issue:

You can see the player's ship (green) flying behind the turret, which is rotating (blue arrow) to point to the ship, while already shooting at the player (red lasers) with the cannons still pointing in another direction.

Other than the visual glitch, this also gives a small advantage to these turrets, as they end up being able to shoot at the player before having a chance to actually turn (which takes time), so in practice this reduces their movement time and makes them slightly more powerful.

Hope this helps, keep up the good work! :smile:
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