Okkar fighter stuck inside an Okkar frigade

Sergio0694Sergio0694 Posts: 15Member
Hello, upon destroying an Okkar Frigade I notice an Okkar fighter getting stuck inside the relict of the ship, I either because it got somehow thrown inside there from the explosion or because it just happened to spawn inside the relict, as the ship was being destroyed.

As a result, I had another couple of enemy ships trying to shoot at it (they were two outlaw ships) over and over, failing every time because the Okkar fighter was just stuck there and could not be reached by their weapons.

Here are two screens:

Cheers! :)


  • Sergio0694Sergio0694 Posts: 15Member
    @ROCKFISH_HCK Another workaround idea to solve this issue, just like with the other "similar" issue I posted.

    For every enemy in the map, keep a queue of the last 2-3 coordinates of that enemy, that is updated every x seconds.
    Whenever the coordinates in the queue for any enemy are the same, or are all within a given threshold, that means the enemy got stuck somewhere.
    At that point, either just remove the enemy, or destroy it, or better yet, play the "hyperjump" animation for that enemy to make it look like it just run away and left the fight. (eventually making it come back after a while).

    Not the most elegant solution, but it should work and be quite efficient too (since it just requires a couple coordinate checks for every enemy).

    Would something like this be possible, and/or a plausible solution for the issue? :)
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